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There was a time when everyone went parkour mad, but even at its peak we never saw anything like what BH Trials has to offer on Xbox One. Imagine the highly skilled parkour skills being performed by a Backhoe digger – yes, seriously. We just have one simple question to ask you: can you dig that?

To clarify, BH Trials really does involve the navigation of obstacle courses using a Backhoe digger; one which unfortunately has no transmission, steering, or brakes. We’re not sure how it passed its MOT, nevertheless the only way to control this vehicle is through the use of its arms. Throughout the progressively difficult single player levels, you’ll have to climb, crawl and drive in order to reach the end as swiftly as you can. This means showing off your dexterity and cunning wit to manipulate platforms and mechanisms, while avoiding the craftiest contraptions in place to scupper your efforts.

If you’re worried that your skills alone won’t be enough to succeed, there’s always the local multiplayer levels to try. After dragging in up to three other players, you’ll control the four-legged beast known as the Backhoe Spider. Teamwork makes the dream work in this mode, combining all of your collective skills to overcome the most treacherous and challenging climbs in BH Trials. It’s also worth keeping all of your eyes out for hidden collectibles, which are miniature diggers that provide cool rewards when found.

Do you think you possess the necessary skills to perform parkour from the driver’s seat of a digger in BH Trials? If so, the only obstacle preventing you from showcasing such talent is the £9.99 price tag on the Xbox Store. Pay that though, and there’s nothing stopping you!

Game Description:

BH Trials is an obstacle course game where you drive a digger with no transmission, steering, or brakes. Learn how to use the digger’s arms to crawl, climb, and avoid obstacles in this unique driving game. Team up with your friends to command a mechanical spider digger! Take control of the spider’s legs and move the digger through a series of levels especially designed to put your groups’ skills and coordination to the test.

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