The original Energy Cycle rocked up on to Xbox One way back in 2016, with a release in the North American region. That was then followed a couple of years later by the release of the game in the UK and Europe. Now though it’s time for a sequel – Energy Cycle Edge.

Available right now on Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch is Energy Cycle Edge, with the full game being put up for purchase at the cheap price of £4.19 (XO), with a free demo available for all those who wish to check the game out prior to dropping the cash.

The sequel to the original Energy Cycle, you’ll find that essentially the same idea applies: activate cells, change colours and match lines. In theory it is all very simple, however the trick of Energy Cycle Edge is that most of the puzzles found within the 44 levels come across in three dimensions, seeing every change you make affecting a variety of cells.

Features include:

  • 44 levels in 4 different sets
  • IDM/Ambient soundtrack from different artists
  • «Random colors» mode that allows you to go through any level multiple times
  • «Classic cells» mode for fans of the original game

Our full review will be with you in the coming days, but should you wish to give Energy Cycle Edge on Xbox One a punt right now, then your favoured digital store will sort you out. Our preference is to hit up the Xbox Store, but depending on your format you may well wish to pay the Nintendo eShop or PlayStation Store a visit.

Game Description:

‘Energy Cycle Edge’ is the sequel to the puzzle game ‘Energy Cycle’. The main idea is the same: when you activate each cell in the game field, it changes the colors of the cell and any adjacent cells in a straight line. Each cell switches between three different colors, and your task is to make them all match the same color. In ‘Energy Cycle Edge’, most part of puzzles are three-dimensional, so you’ll need to monitor the changes of colors within several linked layers, adding a new facet to the familiar gameplay.


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