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Just a few short weeks ago PolarityFlow delivered a new take on the Metroidvania scene to Xbox One, mixing in some Souls-like elements with a sci-fi world. The result was the hugely interesting Cryogear – and right now we’ve got multiple codes for the game to giveaway. Fancy winning one?

Cryogear will see you taking charge of a clone – G.3.4.R – before heading out to survey your surroundings. What happens from there is up to you but you should expect to be found enjoying a wonderfully sci-fi world full of secrets, mysteries and more. Working with platforming elements at its core, Cryogear is certainly a unique affair and as our full review points to, comes across as ‘a stylish throwback which packs enough content to keep players entertained for hours.‘. 

So, wanna play it?

That’s where we come in and thanks to the guys at PolarityFlow we’ve been given no less than 5 codes for Cryogear on Xbox One to giveaway. And that means you could possibly be winning one, with a simple free entry process in place. 

Just hit up the Gleam widget below, complete the actions required, and then sit back as we draw the winners. It really is that simple. 

Cryogear – Xbox One code giveaway

This giveaway for Cryogear code will run until the end of Sunday 17th May 2020, after which the winners will be contacted via email. 

Huge thanks go out to PolarityFlow for making this happen and even if you’re not a winner this time around, it may well be worth your time to stick around to see what other great giveaways we have coming. We’ve got a number of brilliant competitions lined up for the weeks ahead, and the next one will be coming your way shortly after this one finishes. Surely you won’t want to miss out on the chance to win free Xbox games?

Good luck and remember – #stayhomeplaygames

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