mosaic xbox one code giveaway

** Thanks to all who entered. Our winners have now been chosen and contacted via email **

Stay home, play games. That’s the best way to look at the current global situation. And whilst many gamers find themselves glued to their screens, controller in hand, those usual games you have dropped hours into may start to grate. That’s where we come in and thanks to the team at Raw Fury we have a number of great giveaways fast coming in place – starting with this one and the chance for you to take home a code for the brilliant Mosaic on Xbox One.

Having launched on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch back in January, Mosaic delivers a rather brilliant, rather surreal, rather atmospheric look at life.

Our full review of the game picked up on some fantastic art direction, the joy of some well placed minigames, and praised the interesting and satisfying story. 

Our 4.5/5 rating ensures that it is up there with some of the very best games of the year so far, and you should certainly play it. 

And today, you can win a code for Mosaic on Xbox One. 

To get involved, just hit up the Gleam competition widget below, utilise the entry requirements given and then sit back and cross your fingers. We have multiple codes available, so your chances of taking home a code are certainly good. And the more options you choose, the better your chances still. This competition will run until the end of 28th April 2020, after which we’ll contact the relevant winners via email.

Mosaic – Xbox One code giveaway

And if you wish to know more about Mosaic, check out our exclusive interview with the team behind it.

These codes have come about thanks to the generosity of the team at Raw Fury, and whilst Mosaic is the first of our giveaways, you should expect more to come – namely in the form of code for Dandara – Trials of Fear Edition, Bad North and Kingdom Two Crowns. We’ll also have an as-yet-unannounced extra special one coming up later too. Keep an eye out for the competitions for each of those starting soon. 

Good luck and remember – #stayhomeplaygames

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