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Many of us long to return to our childhoods. The innocence of youth and the lack of responsibilities is a feeling that many of us wish to relive but with our adult brains intact. But given the opportunity, what would you actually do? In ‘Know by heart…’ that past they’ve longed for is about to catch up with someone. How they react forms the basis of ‘Know by heart…’ releasing today on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Nintendo Switch.

As Misha, time has left him behind in his childhood town. Where others have moved away and got on with their lives, he is stuck in the same town doing the same dead-end job. However, one day, his life is turned on its head as his high school crush returns to this sleepy Russian town. As they journey down memory lane together, how will their friendship be kindled now as adults? And is dredging up the past necessarily the best idea?

Set in Russia at the turn of the millennium, the effects of the Soviet Union can still be felt all around you. ‘Know by heart…’ is a tale of accepting loss, and how people react to that, if they are ever able to. Featuring a neoclassical piano soundtrack, evocative mini-games and a non-linear plot, players can learn as much about themselves as Misha does.

‘Know by heart…’ is available to download now on the Xbox Store priced at £16.74. Fans of games returning to childhood homes such as Lake should keep an eye on this one. We will have a review coming soon to tell you all about it.

Game description

“Know by heart…” is a game about accepting loss. The plot, the music, the intuitive gameplay and atmospheric mini-games work together to weave an illusion of briefly returning to one’s childhood and inevitably growing up, the feeling of time slipping through our fingers. Players will be immersed into the quiet life of a provincial Russian town, where traces and echoes of the Soviet era can still be seen and heard. Misha, the protagonist, is stuck in his monotonous, dead-end job, until one day the routine is shattered as his school crush returns to town. For the first time in years Misha regains hope of escaping the ennui of his daily life. A brief but tumultuous episode of the town’s life is interwoven with the story of a gang of childhood friends coming back together. It’s up to them to journey down memory lanes and rekindle their friendship, but their memories of the past and the very bonds between them become threatened…

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