The goal in The Escapists has always been to escape, but now the Wicked Ward has arrived for The Escapists 2, bringing with it hordes of the undead, you’ll never want to try to escape quicker!

Available right now for The Escapists 2 is the Halloween and horror themed map which is the Wicked Ward. Priced at £3.59, the Wicked Ward takes place in the wing of an abandoned hospital as a crazy scientist prepares his undead guards for a fight.

You’ll find all the usual crafting, scheming and fighting opportunities that The Escapists 2 delivers so well, just now you’ll have a new place to action your most cunning plans, as you attempt to break out of the supernatural slammer.

The Wicked Ward brings Halloween themed customisations, plus new items and recipes for your escaping pleasure. Just make your way as swiftly as possible to the Microsoft Store, grab the gear needed and enjoy the show. If however you have previously purchased the Season Pass, then you’ll need not pay an extra penny. You’ll find the new content available on PS4 and PC too.

If you haven’t yet played The Escapists 2, then make sure you check out our full review.

DLC Description:

Things have taken a strange turn in the locked off wings of an abandoned hospital. A mad scientist and his hoard of undead guard their territory within the gothic halls. Outside an ominous sky of thunder, rain and lightning blankets the surrounding woods. Once again, you’ll have to craft, fight and scheme your way to freedom from this eerie supernatural slammer. Featuring: – A brand-new horror themed map to escape from – New Halloween themed customisations – New items and craftable recipes Your goal is to escape at all costs!


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