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After the likes of PowerWash Simulator, House Flipper and other calming games, gamers are suddenly looking for relaxing experiences. Perennial achievement gifters Ratalaika Games are also jumping on this trend with their latest offering. Releasing today on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch is Voyage.

A journey that is fully playable in two-player co-op, Voyage is a side-scrolling adventure. After arriving on an unknown planet, two survivors must piece together what it going on and where they are.

With two players, Voyage becomes a truer version of itself. That doesn’t mean that it cannot be played in single player though. You are able to freely switch between the characters at any point and use them to help navigate through these strange worlds. Voyage will also feature:

  • Shared experience – Work alone or with a friend to guide two survivors and explore the world of Voyage in a seamless cooperative experience.
  • Hand-painted – Lose yourself in Voyage’s sprawling hand-painted environments.
  • Wordless narrative – Seek answers in a mysterious, wordless journey.
  • Non-violent – With an emphasis on exploration over violence, Voyage can be enjoyed by anyone.
  • Immersive soundscape – Music and sound by Calum Bowen, composer for Snipperclips, Pikuniku and Lovely Planet.

Whilst this is still a Ratalaika Games title – and thus guaranteeing easy achievements – there is one major difference. Voyage is on the Xbox Store now priced at a slightly more expensive £11.99. There is still an introductory discount dropping the price down to £9.59 for a brief period. Our review will let you know if the increased price is worth it, coming very soon.

Game description

Voyage is a cinematic adventure game capturing the essence of shared exploration. Whether you decide to play by yourself or cooperatively, the journey will revolve around two survivors in search for answers of a long-forgotten past. Embark on a voyage, unravel a mystery and find a way home together.

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