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First Turbo Golf Racing Update Out Now

Turbo Golf Racing Xbox
Turbo Golf Racing Xbox

Turbo Golf Racing has had a very successful launch into Xbox Game Preview and Xbox Game Pass. That doesn’t mean the team at Hugecalf Studios are resting on their laurels. They’ve just announced details for their first update. And, that new update is live now in Turbo Golf Racing! Have a read below, launch the update and we’ll see you on the links.

Headlining this first update is the inclusion of six new levels. Their titles are:

  • Rocket Ramp
  • The Snake
  • Bunker Balls
  • Dual Route Dash
  • Neon Raceway
  • A Walk in the Woods

Those who are playing online can access these new levels straight away as they are added into the rotation. Those who prefer the single player may have to unlock these with enough stars but with names like Rocket Ramp and The Snake they do sound very exciting.

Along with the new levels, how about a new car? Whippy the Ice Cream Truck can be found in the store right now. Here is a little trailer of the coolest car in town:

And what would a new car be in Turbo Golf Racing without some new Cores to go with it? This update brings one Active and one Passive Core with it: Stomp which allows you to blast your ball high into the air and Rough Rider, which allows the driver to ignore the effects of long grass. I can think of one member of TheXboxHub that will benefit from this new Passive Core.

As well as all this there are a load more new cosmetics added to the Store, plus some bug fixes to smooth out the gameplay. These include improvements to matchmaking and fixing some exploits to level the playing field.

This is all just the beginning for Turbo Golf Racing. There will be several more updates as the game ramps up to the full 1.0 release, and we were giving a taste of what to expect. Alongside the new levels, cosmetics and Cores we would expect is a brand-new biome to come, cross-platform parties, leaderboards, private lobbies and more. These are all “coming soon”.

Looking further ahead, expect to see new pick-ups, ranked mode, new game modes, achievements, stats and much, much more. The future is bright: The future is Turbo Golf Racing!

If you have yet to play this fun online multiplayer game, you can find Turbo Golf Racing on the Xbox Store priced at £14.99, or it is also included in Xbox Game Pass. Let us know in the comments below what you think the new biome could be.

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