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Things take a turn for the strange in GORSD, a new local multiplayer battle arena available to download right now on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC.

Set in a temple guarded by intimidating deities, players are tasked with taking control over various levels from opponents. Cover the map completely in your colour and you are the victor. To put enemies down you have just one bullet though: Miss with your shot though and you need to retrieve it yourself.

But if playing against real life opponents isn’t possible, GORSD also features a seven-hour campaign full of fast-paced, frantic gameplay. You are born from an eye womb and then left to your own devices in this fiendish overworld. Explore at your peril, as every door leads to a new challenge. Fail too much and the game ‘rewards’ you with a slightly lower difficulty. Each area is already overseen by a menacing deity that will pierce your very soul with its eyes.

GORSD has a ton of maps and modes to make sure a new experience is never far away. There are over 60 maps to play through and eight different multiplayer modes. There are the standard death match rules but also several team-based and unique modes. GORSD could well be a firm favourite of future game nights.

But just how much so? Well, thankfully we have a review and it’ll be live very, very, soon.

Features include:

  • – You have just one bullet, fire it, control it and collect it.
  • – 7 hour single player game, set in a large overworld containing more than 60 battle stages.
  • – Stupidly fun 1-4 player couch multiplayer.
  • – 8 multiplayer game modes with modifiable rules, set over 21 maps.
  • – Strategize by not only thinking about where you need to go, but also where your projectile needs to go.
  • – Game specifically designed to stop you from terminal boredom and enrich your life permanently.
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GORSD on the Xbox One is ready to grace your hard-drive priced at £14.24, with the Xbox Store providing access. You’ll also find it on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. With friends or without, it promises an unusual experience and a lot of replayability. Fancy picking it up? Shout out in the comments below!

Game description:

Born from a womb-eye, you discover a world seething with challenges created by an unknown power. For what purpose were you created? Uncover the truth of the GORSD. The GORSD will never leave you.


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