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Explosive new trailer and new release date revealed for The Gallery

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We previously heard how The Gallery was gearing up to deliver a new cinematic experience to PC and consoles in April 2022, combining a hostage thriller with social drama. Whilst that initial release date may have been and gone, it doesn’t mean things are quiet on The Gallery front and today we get a newly confirmed release date alongside a rather explosive new trailer.

The Gallery will release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices on August 1st 2022, as it allows players the chance to delve into a story that covers two decades, two identities and how it’s going to take absolutely everything you have in order to survive the night.

This is shown off beautifully in the latest explosive trailer that has been released, as players gear up to navigate a story full of mystery and intrigue.

As you’d expect to hear, The Gallery is a thrilling new FMV/Live Action Game and Interactive Film Hybrid that is coming from the Aviary Studios team. It’s something that is highly anticipated, especially as it’s being put together, written and directed by Paul Raschid, one of the most prolific creatives in this space with the likes of The Complex and Five Dates under the belt. If anything is going to be able to combine a hostage thriller, social drama and a dash of world film festival cinema aesthetic, then this is it.

This new, intense trailer has been created to engage both gamers and interactive film fans with its blend of powerful visuals depicting the games’ two time periods – 1981 and 2021, both of which are of considerable political, social and cultural significance in UK history.

The Gallery was filmed over a six week period in February and March, 2021, as the game immerses audiences in an interactive experience set in two time periods – 1981 and 2021. Players will face over 150 decision paths, eighteen different endings and over five hours of content as they navigate a story full of mystery and intrigue.

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It’s helped that The Gallery boasts a stellar cast including George Blagden (Louis XIV in Versailles and Athelstan in Vikings) and Anna Popplewell (Susan Pevensie in Disney’s Narnia franchise). Asked who they think The Gallery will appeal to they commented;

“I think The Gallery will appeal to many different viewers – not only the gaming community, who already have experience with this kind of story-telling, but also the film and TV genre audiences and anyone into thriller/action/drama really!” Said George Blagden.

Anna Popplewell added “For the gaming community, we hope it delivers perhaps a fuller and more detailed story than viewers might expect. And for those who might not be used to watching things with an interactive component, there is the thrill of a new way of storytelling.”

When asked how they found the experience filming a FMV / live action video game and interactive film hybrid the actors commented:

“Confusing, gratifying, maddening, exciting, challenging, wonderful!” Said Anna Popplewell.

George Blagden said “Unexpected, on every level. I thought I knew what the process would be. I was wrong. It was 10 times harder, and more confusing than I could ever have imagined. I thought I knew what the outcome would be. I was wrong. The result is way more complex and detailed than I thought was achievable in a 6 week shoot. I can’t wait to try to find other ways of bridging this gap between films and video games with projects in the future”.

Give that trailer below a little watch and then standby for The Gallery to roll out from August 1st 2022 on Steam (PC and Mac), Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, iOS and Android platforms.

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