far cry new dawn xbox one launch

Want to take your experience in the post-apocalyptic Hope County, Montana to the next level? You’ll be wanting the latest DLC additions to Far Cry New Dawn.

The wonderfully colourful world of Montana is one that the vast majority of gamers will want to involve themselves in, with Ubisoft having nailed another stunning Far Cry experience with New Dawn. Today though you can get even more enjoyment from the game, with the addition of a number of DLC packs for the game.

Originally available as part of the Digital Deluxe Pack for Far Cry New Dawn on Xbox One, the Hurk Legacy Pack for £3.99 contains The””Hurk’s Wrath”” M249 skin, The Hurk Legacy Offroad skin and The Hurkling Outfit.

Further to this we also see the Retro Weapon Pack up for purchase at £3.19 with that delivering the”Blast-Off” RAT4 skin, and the Retro Sci-Fi M133M skin.

We also get the chance to ride through Hope County in style, with nothing less than the stunning Unicorn Trike for £3.99, whilst the final pack of the day – the Knight Pack – give access to the Knight SVD Claymore skin, and the Knight Sidecar skin, again for £3.99.

In order to enjoy these then you will obviously have to have the base game of Far Cry New Dawn in place, and should you have purchased the Deluxe Edition upon release, then it it probably best to keep away from these individual purchases. If however you were one of those jumping in initially with the base game, wondering how on earth Ubisoft could deliver another brilliant Far Cry experience, but now wish to delve into the colourful arts of the DLC, then the prices being asked makes that a reality.

Just hop on over to the Xbox Store via the links above and get access to whichever pack you require. Those who haven’t yet played Far Cry New Dawn on Xbox One would do well to check out our full review at the same time.

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