farming simulator 22 pumps n hoses

Whilst the Pumps N’ Hoses DLC may sound like something coming to Saints Row, it’s in fact a very innocent expansion to the cult classic that is Farming Simulator 22. Get your mind out of that gutter.

Arriving today to those who own Farming Sim 22 on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Switch or Stadia, this pack takes your farming operation to the next level with over thirty manufacturing items from Dutch manufacturer Schouten, the German steel storage people over at Stallkamp, and BvL, the biogas giants. 

Pumps N’ Hoses is all about managing your resources, and diverting them off to fertilise your crops in the most efficient manner possible. Farmers will have access to an array of umbilical systems and hoses designed to span hundreds of metres, which in turn can be linked to your tractor to very quickly fertilise a large-scale farm. You’ll also be able to make use of biogas plants, which can be configured to suit, and, get this, manure separation! No longer will your precious manure go to waste, as you can now separate it out by solid and liquid components, to again be diverted to different areas of your farm. Pumps N’ Hoses Pack, where would we be without you?

The promise of over thirty more tools at your disposal is an exciting one indeed, to go along with the already dozens of vehicles, machines and tools that the base game offers. With this pack, it is even easier to grow your farm from a humble patch of land, to one making use of kilometres of pumps, shooting out delicious resources all over your crops.

“We pump it up a notch with publishing the first product developed by an external studio”, comments Boris Stefan, Head of Publishing at GIANTS Software. “After successfully publishing and launching Farming Simulator 22 itself, this marks the next big step of our ambitions – engaging with, encouraging, and supporting aspiring developers.”

“We’re thrilled to expand Farming Simulator 22 with features that allowed us to add new and exciting layers of gameplay” comments Creative Mesh’s CEO Frederic Leifeling. “Working with GIANTS Software directly proved to be efficient and expedient to realize our most ambitious project to date.”

It of course goes without saying that to pick up the Pumps N’ Hoses Pack, you will require a copy of Farming Simulator 22, so make sure to check out our full review of the game! Then, head over to the Xbox Store where you can pick up this Pack for £14.99 on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One. Alternatively, the base game and this DLC is available on PS5, PS4, PC, Switch and Stadia.

DLC Description:

Pump it up and upgrade your farming operation with umbilical systems, manure separation and configurable biogas plants! A huge variety of new machines, tools and buildings extend the infrastructure of manure distribution and resource storage on your farm. Overall, more than 30 items from Dutch manufacturer Schouten, German steel storage specialist Stallkamp and biogas technology manufacturer BvL are included to introduce new gameplay features to Farming Simulator 22.

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