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You have a choice with Game Pass today: do you stay grounded, or head to the moon? That’s because Xbox is offering us the full release, spat out of Game Preview, of Grounded (Cloud, Console and PC), and the day-one launch of Moonscars (Cloud, Console and PC).

There is every chance that you have already loved and exhausted Grounded. It’s been out on Game Pass for over a year now, winning over fans with its cooperative survival thrills. It’s the only game to bring you the ‘80s nostalgia of Honey I Shrunk the Kids, as you take to the backyard with twigs for weapons, holding out against waves of ants. 

The full release, otherwise known as Version 1.0, will open the back porch to an entirely new area: the upper yard. This new section includes plenty more of the backyard to explore, along with new armor recipes, new weapon recipes, and some other secrets that Microsoft aren’t forthcoming about.

Moonscars, meanwhile, is an unknown commodity. It’s a day-one release, and we will be bringing you our verdict as soon as we can survive its rock-hard combat. This is a Souls-like Metroidvania, which is a pairing that we’ve tapped away on our keyboard plenty of times this year. It’s not the freshest of concepts, but Moonscars at least looks the part, with a dark, monochromatic art style that looks like Castlevania drank some bleach.

You play Grey Irma, who has no idea of who she is or what her purpose might be. So, she’s on a journey to the ominously named The Sculptor, the big bad of Moonscars, to find out her identity. We’re calling it now: The Sculptor made her. You heard it here first.

As we reach the end of September, there are only two games yet to launch into the service. Valheim (PC) is planned for September 29th, bringing the brutal survive-a-thon to Game Pass after several years of being a cult classic, whilst the cuddly PAW Patrol Grand Prix comes to Cloud, Console, and PC on the 30th – a day when a ton of other games are leaving. 

October is just around the corner, and while Microsoft haven’t revealed the official list of what we’re getting, there are a few guarantees. On October 11th we will get Coral Island (PC) and Eville (Cloud, Console and PC); on October 13th is the Dyson Sphere Program (PC); October 18th is A Plague Tale: Requiem (Cloud, Console and PC), October 21st is Persona 5: Royal (Cloud, Console and PC) and Scorn (Cloud, Console and PC), while – finally – October 27th should be Gunfire Reborn (Console) and Signalis (Cloud, Console and PC). Talk about a stellar month – it’s so good that we included many of those in our Up Next for October 2022, looking at the games you should be playing on your Xbox. 

So Grounded or Moonscars? Anything from October whetting your whistle? Let us know in the comments and on our social media channels.

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