Fast & Furious Crossroads Pack 2

While Fast & Furious Crossroads really didn’t live up to the exciting and adrenaline-fuelled action we’re accustomed to in the Fast & Furious franchise, it has soldiered on by releasing various downloadable content packs. The most recent offering, Fast & Furious Crossroads Pack 1, brought some hot imports to the table from the Tokyo Drift film. Now though, the inventively named Fast & Furious Crossroads Pack 2 is delivering a trio of newer rides to Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The Fast & Furious Crossroads Pack 2 consists of three epic rides as well as a selection of items to use in online customisation. Shining the spotlight on the vehicles first, the Plymouth GTX is the clear standout because it’s the beast-like model driven by Dominic Torretto in The Fate of the Furious. The inclusion of the 2020 Toyota Supra is a welcome one, despite its appearance in the latest film being delayed. The final addition is a one-off special prototype version of the SUV belonging to the villainous Kai. Each car also comes with two unique wraps too, offering a bit of variety.

The rest of the DLC pack features 39 different colours of Carbon Paint to allow you to express your personality in style. That’s not all though, with another set of online customisation items consisting of a pattern, portrait, license plate and spray, as well as a London Police wrap for the cop cars.

Should there be something enticing within the Fast & Furious Crossroads Pack 2, venture over to the Xbox Store – or the PS Store and Steam – in order to pick it up for £7.99. The other option is to grab the entire Season Pass for £24.99, which offers access to this DLC, Pack 1 and a future pack. Get in touch via the comments section below and let us know if you’ll be getting behind the wheel of these sweet new Fast & Furious cars.

DLC Description:

The legacy of the Fast Family comes to Fast & Furious Crossroads: Pack 2 that includes 3 epic new rides along with online customization items. Pack 2 includes: 3 thrilling new vehicles: • 2020 Toyota Supra — ride proud with the all-new Supra that comes with two wraps. • Plymouth GTX — the legendary tarmac-eating beast that will never be tamed. Comes with two wraps. • Kai’s SUV — a one-off special design prototype that comes with two wraps. Also includes: • London Police wrap • Carbon Paint—choose from 39 colors and let your personality shine online like nothing and no one else. 4 unique online customization items: • Pack 2 Pattern • Pack 2 Portrait • Pack 2 License Plate • Pack 2 Spray

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