Mantis Burn Racing is, without a doubt, one of the best top-down racers out there. It brings superb physics, stunning visuals and a hugely in-depth career mode. But there has always been one thing missing – WEAPONS. Not any more though as the latest DLC sees the addition of the Battle Cars. Are you ready for some chaos?

Available right now for a measly £1.99, the Mantis Burn Racing Battle Cars DLC delivers three cars, new event types and another massive career, with weaponry at the forefront of the action.

You’ll find each and every racer getting involved in the Battle Cars DLC has immediate access to not just a forward facing machine gun, but also comes equipped with three replenish-able rear mounted mines. If you can’t shoot the cars in front of you, at least you’ll be able to stop anyone else from getting past!

With the normal Mantis Burn Gears and XP system powering your progress, the Battle Cars DLC is more than worth a little look. Our full review is right here and ready for your perusal – as is that of the full game – but with the price point set so low, it’s all a bit of a no-brainer.

Get over to the Xbox Games Store immediately, splash the £1.99 required and go fire up Mantis Burn Racing right now.

DLC Description:

Introducing ‘BATTLE CARS’ the brand-new combat racing pack from MANTIS BURN RACING®! Unleash explosive levels of fun with an all-new class of highly armed, battle-ready vehicles in intense online combat or frenetic split-screen battles for up to 4 players. Get ready to crush your opponents with rapid-fire machine-gun blasts or launch mines causing devastating damage with 3 brand-new Battle Modes, ‘King of the Track’ ‘Survival’ and ‘Accumulator Rumble’ to test your appetite for destruction. With ‘BATTLE CARS’, it’s no longer a case of when you reach the finish line, but, if you reach the finish line! The ‘BATTLE CARS’ pack includes three new highly armoured combat vehicles that come with their own 26-event ‘Battle’ career that is only available with this DLC pack. Download the ‘BATTLE CARS’ DLC today and enjoy an action-packed new way to play MANTIS BURN RACING®! ‘BATTLE CARS’ Features: • BATTLE READY: Introducing three new awesome combat vehicles, each fully equipped with reinforced, military spec armoured bodies and front and rear facing weapons. • EXPLOSIVE MULTIPLAYER ACTION: Destroy your opponents in epic 4 player local split-screen battles and online multiplayer car combat for up to 8 players. • SPECTACULAR DESTRUCTION: Unleash explosive levels of destruction on your rivals in fast and frenetic combat races. • NEW BATTLE MODES: Test your skills in three all-new combat specific events, ‘King of the Track’, ‘Survival’ and ‘Accumulator Rumble’. • DEDICATED CAREER: Progress through a stand-alone ‘Battle’ career campaign featuring 26 challenging events. • NEW ACHIEVEMENTS: Unlock 6 new DLC-specific achievements.

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