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Normally, when a game gets released on Xbox, the Store page offers up some sort of insight into what the game actually is. Screenshots, trailers and a lengthy description can make the difference between making a sale and being glanced over. Memory Link, out today on Xbox, has just two screenshots, no trailer and a 21-word description. So, let us speculate what Memory Link is all about.

Here is what we can garner: In Memory Link you play as a young boy who has a bit of a crush on a red-headed girl. Young love is all consuming, and this young boy will seemingly stop at nothing to get the girl of his dreams in this monochromatic platformer.

One screenshot shows the boy and the girl on a swing set. Another screenshot shows the boy stood outside with a cat. Is this cat important? Does the cat belong to the boy or someone else? These are the questions we want answers to.

Memory Link is developed by Urântia Games, who are also responsible for MyMaitê. This is also a platformer, but one where a father wants to rescue his daughter from the Moon.

So, do the achievements offer any additional insight? Well, there are achievements for collecting fragments. These could potentially be memory fragments as suggested by the games title, or they could be physical fragments of something else. A broken heart perhaps?

Whatever it all means, Memory Link is on the Xbox Store now priced at £3.99. For that price, it presents an intriguing prospect if nothing else. Will you be picking this up? If you are, let us know what Missing Link is really about. Or stick around for our review coming very soon.

Game description

A heartwarming story of a boy chasing memories of a dreamy girl. Explore a mysterious world in this stylish platformer game.

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