Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin DIFFERENT FUTURE DLC Xbox

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin has been quite liberal with its application of Final Fantasy source material. Rewriting the first game whilst picking and choosing locations from all the mainline games created a unique hardcore action RPG. It seems that tinkering with the source material isn’t quite finished either, as the final DLC title would suggest. DIFFERENT FUTURE is the name, and it is out today for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Following on from the Wanderer of the Rift expansion, the moogle once again opens up Jack and his crew to an alternate time and space. There, a city awaits with one last challenge that will conclude the Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin story.

DIFFERENT FUTURE also features:

  • New Characters and Enemies – Players will be escorted on their journey by the moogle that was first introduced in the Wanderer of the Rift expansion, as well as meet the Emperor from the FINAL FANTASY series.
  • New Jobs – Players can unlock Musketeer, Hunter and Gambler jobs by progressing through the DIFFERENT FUTURE story missions.
  • New Gear – DIFFERENT FUTURE introduces new gear, firearms.
  • New Blacksmith Features – Players can take advantage of “imitation materials,” which enable them to craft and upgrade certain items more easily. Using imitation materials, players can also make replicas of equipment and replicate chaos effects.

Have a look at the final trailer below:

The DIFFERENT FUTURE DLC can only be accessed via the Season Pass for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, available on the Xbox Store for £19.99. If you have yet to pick up the base game – required to play the DLC – this is on the Xbox Store priced £59.99. Let us know if you will be picking this one up to conclude Jacks Chaos killing story.

DLC Description

A set consisting of the additional missions “Trials of the Dragon King,” “Wanderer of the Rift” and “DIFFERENT FUTURE.” Features new equipment, abilities and enemies along with new missions and story content. *Xbox Live Gold (subscription sold separately) is required to use online multiplayer features. *The main game STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN (sold separately) and related updates are required to play this add-on content. *This product is a set of multiple products. Take care that you do not purchase multiple copies of the same product. *Please visit the official website for details on release dates and product features. *Certain Season Pass content only becomes accessible after the end of the main game story.

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