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In years to come we may well find that the Earth’s surface is no longer suitable to sustain human life. It’s then when we may have to dig down, creating new underground worlds in which humanity can continue to thrive. That’s pretty much the premise of Underland as it releases on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

Coming from the QUByte Interactive team (they very recently behind Super Hiking League DX which tasked us with climbing high), Underland instead has us going underground, all in the search of the mythical city of Underland. 

Priced at £6.69, Underland isn’t going to break any bank, or leave you stretched for that end of week coffee. but what it will do is give you the opportunity to utilise a host of equipment types and items as you go deep under the surface, excavating, pumping  and plumping so to ensure life can survive in the darkness. 

The mechanics and physics that are in place will all need to be carefully managed and manipulated, basically seeing Underland play out as a huge puzzle. Make it to the end and you’ll find success in your journey, fail and well, it isn’t worth thinking about. 

With simple controls, some unique gameplay, a lovely little pixel arted visual style and the physics based puzzles that all need to be controlled, we’re already taken by what Underland has to offer. Stay tuned for our full review of how this works on Xbox in the days ahead. 

To pick up Underland for yourself, visit the Xbox Store

Game Description:

Use the elements at your disposal, such as excavators, pumps, plumbing, among others, to drill the soil to the indicated location. The dynamic scenario, fluid mechanics and the laws of physics must be manipulated correctly to achieve the goal. Find the city of Underland! “The astronauts who set out in search of a new habitable planet have just returned from their failed mission. However, the Earth’s surface is no longer habitable and they discover that the remaining population now lives underground. The supposed path there is buried and the only alternative is to dig and dig into the underground city. ” At each stage, the player must use the elements available in the environment. Use excavators, pumps, pipes, cannons, drones and dynamic platforms to reach the next elevator. There are few ways to get there, so the player must combine the direction of the path with the physics of the elements to succeed. Thus, each scenario is a big puzzle that must be solved to reach the end of the journey.

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