It’s been a while since we first took to the dying streets of Harran in Techland’s popular open-world first person survival horror hit Dying Light. Even the aptly named expansion The Following feels like it was years ago, but content is one of the many things Dying Light has always done well. If you’re one of those still enjoying the darkened delights of the corpse infested streets, then you’ll be happy to hear that even more content has now arrived for the parkour filled adventure, bringing with it a bunch of new weapons, new bounties, new outfits and new enemies. It’s time to head back to Harran.

The new content drops are the beginning of ten in total that are set to arrive in Dying Light over the next year, and now console players can get in on the Content Drop #0, which arrived back in July on PC, as well as Content Drop #1 which arrives today for all platforms.

Content Drop #0 is the first of the exciting arrivals and brings with it an all new human enemy special forces unit for players to watch out for – an entirely new and heavily armed faction that’s set to cause even more havoc in Old Town – a new Mutated Goon Zombie to fight off and a new player outfit called ‘Hunted’. Those interested in getting their hands on a new weapon will also be pleased to know that a free and unique weapon can also be acquired by logging on to for the free Harran Military Rifle. This can be unlocked by redeeming the free docket key provided on

Each of these new arrivals are now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, having previously arrived on PC back in July 2017.

The second batch of content – Content Drop #1 – is the other of the new additions arriving today, and arrives for all platforms simultaneously. In this content drop, players can find three truly unique and all new weapons including the Last Wish revolver, the Kuai dagger and the Fenris axe. Each of these new weapons come with their own exclusive features that will increase your chances of survival within the games quarantine zones a little, however those wanting to get their hands on them will first need to put their skills to the test and complete each of the new special bounties in order to unlock them for use. As with the first content drop, Content Drop #1 also brings another free weapon docket key in the form of the rather exciting ‘Ye Olde Trusty’ to players via and can once again be redeemed via the same way as the aforementioned free Rifle. This is one wrench you’ll certainly want to hold on to.

Content Drop #0 and #1 are the first batch of many upcoming drops for Dying Light, so stay tuned for information on each of the upcoming nine drops that are set to arrive in the coming months. Those interested in checking out the new content can do so via the video below and will find it available now in Dying Light on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Will you be heading back to the streets of Harran? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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