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Five more DLC packs tear it up on Hot Wheels Unleashed

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Expanding on a monthly basis, the latest DLC offerings for Hot Wheels Unleashed are now here – want access to Street Fighter’s Vega, the Mclaren Senna, some new Modules, customisation items and more? 

Continuing to push out Hot Wheels Unleashed to levels we could never have imagined when the base game first dropped, the team at Milestone Studios have today thrown out no less than five new downloadable content packs. 

Available on all formats that you’ll find Hot Wheels Unleashed on, it’s the Xbox versions that we are focusing efforts with, particularly as the usual Milestone marketing plans of dropping separate Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S packs continues to annoy. 

Should you have a copy of the base game of Hot Wheels Unleashed to hand though, you’ll be able to add in a Street Fighter Vega inspired car, the gorgeous Mclaren Senna or the 2014 Corvette Stingray Convertible. Vega will set you back £1.69, whilst the other two come in at £0.79 each. 

Further to that though are a couple of other options – the Gorilla Garage Module (£2.49) which will let you expand your track limits more than before and the Skaters Customisation Pack for £0.79. The Skaters Customisation Pack adds in a number of cool decorations and items for your in-game Basement. 

Each of the Xbox Series X|S versions of the DLC are available on the links above, whilst you’ll also find Xbox One editions on the Store too.  Should you have purchased the Hot Wheels Unleashed Pass Vol. 2 previously, you’ll find all this gear included in there. 

Let us know what you think of these new items and cars that have hit Hot Wheels Unleashed. Should Milestone ensure that their games going forward are playable on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for one purchase? The comments are below. 

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