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It’s been five years since Jason Oda started working on Waking. But finally it’s time to see the emotional action adventure rise, with a confirmed June 2020 release date for Xbox One and PC.

Developed by Jason Oda and handled in publishing terms by those at tinyBuild (Graveyard Keeper and Speedrunners fame), Waking will arrive on Xbox One and PC (via Steam) on June 18th 2020. And to celebrate that date, a brand spanking new announcement trailer has been unveiled. You can see it right below this piece.

First announced as Coma back at E3 2017, Waking combines third-person exploration with real-world guided meditation, as Xbox One and PC players get the chance to take in an introspective journey of self-reflection and remembrance. By traversing the twisted pathways of your mind in a quest to wake, and making choices that shape a uniquely individual experience, you’ll be given the opportunity to face your fears and desires as you summon memories of loved ones, and do battle with those who would have you sleep forever.

With a bit of [email protected] funding behind it, Waking is uniquely driven by your own personal journey; a truly meditative experience in which your dreams and nightmares will come to life.

Key features of Waking on Xbox One and PC include:

  • A true meditative experience: Third-person exploration melds with guided meditation techniques to create a new type of experience at the intersection of reflection, emotion and memory.
  • A uniquely personal journey: Waking asks you to draw on your own experiences, fears and desires and bring them with you on your journey to wake. Your memories are your protectors, your companions and your weapons.
  • A world of dreams and nightmares: The Mindscape is a treacherous place, a shifting, twisted maze of shattered thoughts and errant memory.
  • A fight to survive. A fight to exist: Trapped within your dying mind you face a choice: give in to oblivion or fight for your existence. Use your memories and willpower to uncover the mystery of your dreaming, and return to the waking world.

We’ll be sure to remind you when Waking rocks up onto the Xbox Store come June 18th. For now though, as promised, it’s time for a trailer…

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