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It’s safe to say that Rebellion once again pulled one out of the bag with Zombie Army 4: Dead War. After wowing the gaming masses with the Sniper Elite series, delivering the goods with Strange Brigade, and working wonders with the Zombie Army Trilogy, Zombie Army 4: Dead War has just taken things to the next level. It’s time to up the stakes again though as today we see the arrival of Blood Count – the thrilling second chapter in the Hell Cult campaign.

Available today for Zombie Army 4: Dead War players to enjoy, no matter whether they are playing on Xbox One, PS4, Google Stadia or PC via the Epic Games Store, Blood Count sees us attempting to take on the Transylvanian undead and SS cultists as we break into an abandoned castle. And it’ll only set you back £5.59.

From there, in standard Zombie Army style, all manner of mysteries will begin to unravel with the secrets of the occult laid bare, and the opportunity for some deep digging into the crypt’s darkest secrets!

But it’s not just about that new campaign mission and also on offer today is a ton more content for Zombie Army 4, with a new chracters, new skins, a new set of headgear, and a new weapon bundle arriving. Details as follows:

  • ▪ Renegade Officer Character – £3.79
  • ▪ Bloodsoaked Weapon Skins – £2.49
  • ▪ Gas Mask Headgear Bundle – £2.49
  • ▪ Mortar Shotgun Bundle – £3.29

Each of the items above are also available as individual purchases.

If you haven’t yet purchased a copy of Zombie Army 4: Dead War then the Xbox One version is available right now from the Xbox Store. It is there where you’ll also discover the Season 1 Pass, which delivers all the latest season content including this latest addition in Blood Count. That pass is available individually or as part of the Zombie Army 4: Super Deluxe Edition.

You can check out the new Blood Count trailer right below these words, and it certainly offers a glimpse of what’s to come in the concluding chapter – what manner of evil lurks beneath the surface…?

Let us know what bits of the new Zombie Army 4 content you’ll be giving a go.

Blood Count Description:

Transylvanian undead? SS Cultists? These are the LEAST of your problems in this brand-new campaign mission for Zombie Army 4. Break into an abandoned castle, unravel the mysteries of the occult and drill deep into the crypt’s darkest secrets… Blood Count is the second mission in Hell Cult, a new hair-raising three-part Zombie Army 4: Dead War campaign! Explore a brand-new location in this terrifying mission for 1-4 players, complete with new enemies, collectibles, achievements and more! The Führer may be gone, but the Dead War rages on!

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