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Fly high in Aery – Broken Memories on Xbox One

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Remember how 2020 started off so nicely, before all hell kicked off and the world changed, possibly forever? Well, back in January the team at EpiXR Games thrust the delightful Aery – Little Bird Adventure out to Xbox One, giving players the chance to embark on a cheap and immersive adventure, flying across beautiful landscapes in order to chill. Now though that same team are back, with Aery – Broken Memories on Xbox One. 

Available to purchase and download right this second on Xbox One, Aery – Broken Memories seemingly takes what was great about the previous game before mixing things up a notch or two, heading to the skies and flying high as a little bird. 
This bird helps you traverse the world around; a world that just so happens to be the mind of a person who is coming back from being left in a coma. It is up to you to soar and dive in order to collect memory shards which will help you get to know the person at hand, progressing the tale that is in place and opening up new, previously unexplored, areas of the mind.

From the off, both Aery – Little Bird Adventure and this new title, Aery – Broken Memories look to complement each other well. However, there’s a steep old price increase this time around with EpiXR Games asking more than double the original game.

Yep, if you wish to embark on this journey, you’ll be asked and tasked with shelling out a cool £12.49.  Do so though and you’ll discover no less than 15 unique landscapes, a world without foes, and a delightful artistic and audio experience, letting you really get fully immersed in the adventure that lays ahead. 

Features include:

  • Experience the feeling of flying with fluid and responsive flight controls
  • See the world with the eyes of a bird with intuitive and relaxing gameplay
  • Experience the speed of an bird without enemies or other threats
  • Explore 15 vast landscapes with different theme, style and mood
  • Follow the cute story of a little bird
  • Collect the feathers of other birds to unlock the next area
  • Immerse into the atmosphere with a vibrant minimalistic yet sometimes even surreal art style
  • Enjoy the beautiful bright colors with interesting and different color themes in every area
  • Discover hidden areas and many little surprises on your way

As always, our full review of Aery – Broken Memories on Xbox One will be able to fill you in with the finer details so keep an eye out for it, but if you liked the previous game, have got a little spare cash and are looking to discover a title that can take you away from the real-life horrors, Aery – Broken Memories on Xbox One could well be it. Get over to the Xbox Store right now. 

Game Description:

In Aery – Broken Memories you enter the mind of another person in order to bring them back from a coma. ​ Within the other human’s mind, you are represented through a little bird that moves smoothly through thoughts, fears, and memories. ​ Your objective is to find memory shards in order to get to know the other person, to progress with the story, and to unlock new, unknown areas of the mind. ​ Experience the feeling of flying, immerse into beautiful and atmospheric landscapes, and enjoy the unique storytelling of the game while getting to know a new friend on the fly.

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