Remember when Bethesda announced Summerset as the next chapter in the award winning open world saga of The Elder Scrolls Online? Well, now that Spring is finally here, Summerset is just around the corner… and today we’ve got a lovely gameplay trailer to take in.

Released today by Betehsda is a brand new gameplay video that takes us all on a tour of the majestic and mysterious land of Summerset.

The home of the High Elves, we’ll get to visit it for the first time since The Elder Scrolls: Arena back in 1994 as we discover a new world that is full of exciting adventures, ominous shadows, and stunning locations in a zone larger than any Chapter that has gone before it.

For the first time in history, the Isle of Summerset is opened to the outside world by the decree of Queen Ayrenn. Newcomers can explore lush forest, tropical lagoons, and ancient coral caves in this new zone that expands further than even that of Vvardenfell from last year’s Morrowind chapter. Seek out the mysterious Psijic Order, a secret society of mages on the island of Atraeum, for a new skill line and powerful abilities. Adventurers will also be able to climb Summerset’s highest peak to the city of Cloudrest, and band together to tackle enemies in a challenging 12-player trial.

An epic main story, new abilities, returning villains, and a whole lot more means that ESO: Summerset is an adventure that is not to be missed when it arrives on PC come 21st May 2018 and Xbox One and PS4 on 5th June. Remember, if you like the look of what the video below brings and you wish to pre-purchase Summerset, you will receive the Queen’s Bounty Pack bonus reward, immediate access to the ESO base game and last year’s Morrowind Chapter. What’s not to like!

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