The latest title from Square Enix Collective, Forgotton Anne, was detailed on stage at EGX 2016 today. Want to know more?

Forggoton Anne is a 2D cinematic adventure, developed by ThroughLine games, featuring beautifully hand-crafted animation in this story-driven world of the Forgotton Realm. That’s the place where all the misplaced items by humans end up; there are old toys, letters, odd socks – you get the idea. Anne is a human trapped within this realm with Master Bonku, and they’ll need the help of the Forgotlings – creatures made of those mislaid objects – in order to make their way home.

Although it won’t be released on Xbox One, PlayStation and PC until 2017, gamers can get their hands on Forgotton Anne between 22nd and 25th September as it is playable at EGX 2016 in the Rezzed Zone, where the Square Enix Collective booth can be located.

If you get chance to have a go, let us know what you think in the comments.


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