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Oh, you’ve clicked on this article? You chose wisely. Here’s me thinking of how many more Indiana Jones quotes I can shoehorn into this article. “Don’t get cocky” I tell myself as I now blur other Harrison Ford performances into one another. “I’m making this up as I go along” and I best get things back on track. Pinball FX3 have been releasing licensed pinball tables since acquiring the Williams license and are back today with another classic. Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure table is now available in Pinball FX3 on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure is a digital recreation of the classic licensed 1993 table. That itself takes inspiration from the first three Indiana Jones films: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade. The table comes to life with characters such as Marion, Sallah, Short Round and of course, Indy himself.

The pinball table will take you through some of the classic moments of Indiana Jones history. The monkey brains, holy grails, rope bridges, mine carts and Nazi’s will all play a part in your adventure. If you manage to best all these, a six ball multiball will be your reward.

Other features include:

  • Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure combines a fan-favorite Williams machine with everyone’s favorite adventurer – enjoy the original music, sounds, rules, and look of the machine brought to the digital space for the first time.
  • Relive the most iconic movie scenes like the escape from Castle Brunwald, the Rope Bridge standoff, and finding Marion on the Streets of Cairo.
  • Experience the table just as you remember it, with true-to-life Pro Physics simulation, only found in Zen’s Pinball tables.
  • Enjoy the table in a new way with extra 3D effects in the ‘Enhanced’ version that includes side wall art, ball trailer effects, particle effects and a whip-wielding Indiana Jones.
  • Play at home, with friends, or compete online with Single Player, Local Multi-Player, Challenge, and Tournament Modes.

Pinball FX3 once again puts their unique spin on the pinball table by adding animated additions. The Ark of the Covenant, dogfighting planes and even Indiana Jones whipping around the place will all bring this table to life. But make sure to keep your eyes on the ball and not on them.

The latest table for Pinball FX3, Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure is available to download now priced at £12.49 on the Xbox Store. We will have a review heading your way very soon so stay tuned to see how this sizes up against the other tables already available. And let us know in the comments below what you want to see added to the compilation next.

Game description

Relive iconic scenes from the movies in Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure, the 1993 Williams classic.

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