The car is very much the star in both Forza Horizon 2 and Furious 7, so the combination of the current leading videogame racer and the latest vehicular based movie should see a standalone game that appeals to not just gamers, but film fans, motorsport lovers and adrenaline junkies too.

Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious is here – but is it worth a download, or are we looking at nothing more than a promotional content bringer?

Well, the news that the game would initially be given away for free to promote the release of Furious 7 on the big screen points firmly towards Presents having one eye on the cash prize. What seems like a great deal for gamers could well turn into an expensive time as Fast & Furious will most definitely tempt you into a purchase of the full Forza Horizon 2 game, whilst also ensuring that you’ll be taking a trip to the flicks pretty soonish. And we all know exactly how costly that becomes. Large popcorn anyone?

fast and furious car shot

But the appeal of this mini standalone expansion is quite firmly down to the cars on offer.

The likes of the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T, the 2013 Jeep Wrangler Ultimate and the king of the franchise, the 1998 Toyota Supra are all present; with numerous others all available to collect, own and race as fast as you possibly can, either alone or with friends across a ton of party games and street races. You do this by taking part in two tiered races in which you a) go and grab the attention of the other driver and then b) go up against them in a pink slip race. It’s typical Forza Horizon stuff and you’ll obviously be needing to win the latter in order to secure the motor. Nothing is too taxing for someone who is familiar with the scene though.

Set in a small area of the normal Forza Horizon 2 world, Nice and Saint-Martin are your ports of call as you take in 17 new missions and two new showcase events that see you racing a plane and a helicopter…standard crazy Horizon objectives then. The inclusion of numerous camera traps, speed zones and six new bucket challenges ensure that you get to check out each and every one of the new cars on offer to the nth degree, as well as delving deep into the Horizon environment at the same time. Even if you’ve already played Horizon 2 until your fingers bled, you’ll love taking on the roads, and the fields, once more!

I won’t bang on about the outstanding visuals of both the cars, the glorious Southern European roads you’ll be taking in, or indeed the delightful audio portrayal that Forza brings, but you can be sure that everything found in Fast & Furious is of the highest quality.

The only real disappointing side though is that the one sole barn find is relatively simple to hunt down – the bucket challenges which are available won’t really test the veteran racer either. That’s obviously not a bad thing if you are a newcomer to the series, and these challenges may just be enough to tempt anyone who hasn’t checked out Horizon 2 into a solid purchase, but for the vast majority of race fans, the six tests on offer will be completed first time, every time!

fast and furious jeep

Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious is very good. However, other than to tempt newbies into a purchase of the full game, I’m not sure why it hasn’t been included as a free download to the main Horizon festival. What do you mean that IS the reason why? It should most definitely be checked out even if you have to pay for the privilege, although seasoned festival goers may just find the lack of space a bit limiting. As a short solo experience – it’ll take you no more than 90 minutes to collect all the new cars and cheevos – or when taking in some party games with friends, it’s a worthy little addition to the Xbox One library.

The car is the star and you should be downloading Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious as a matter of priority.

Even if we are looking at the best advert ever!

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7 years ago

XBOX is the best box!

Poor PS Poor people
Poor PS Poor people
Reply to  kreator
7 years ago

Well, Grand Turdismal will never approach Forza levels ever anymore, so for racing games it surely is the better console.

7 years ago

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