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Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 10 – Summer


Yep, it’s that time again – time for the Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist to switch up as we move into a new Series and Season. It’s Series 10 – Summer which is the focus of efforts this time around; with the Hot Wheels brand and expansion front and centre of the whole Forza Horizon experience, you can be sure that there will be plenty of new events and challenges on offer. And that means you’ll need the fastest cars and best tunes to help you complete what is available with ease. 

Part 1 – Weekly Challenge – The Future is Bright

The weekly challenge this week picks up on the electric theme, and wants us to go and drive about in the Rimac Concept Two, the forerunner of which almost killed Richard Hammond when he attempted a hill climb in it while filming the Grand Tour. There’s no easy way to say this: it costs a cool 2,000,000 credits to buy from the Autoshow. Maybe hit up the Auction House, would be my advice.

Or, complete the Weekly Challenge “Battery Powered”, by smashing 20 batteries around Playa Azul, which will give you the car for free.

Chapter 1:  Electric Era

Get in your lovely new Rimac, and take it for a spin. But hold on tight as it is currently the fastest EV in the world!

Chapter 2: Advanced Technology

Using this car’s frankly incredible 1914 bhp, maintain 250mph for 10 seconds.

Head to the highway and unleash the beast! In stock trim, 260mph is easily attainable.

Chapter 3: Like No Other

Simply win a Road Race in the Rimac.

With so much power under your right foot, it should be child’s play. Honestly, this thing just accelerates like nothing else, and the silence is eerie.

Chapter 4: Experience Electric

Simply drive the car for 10 miles, probably about as far as the battery will last. 

For context, a run along the main highway is about seven miles, so one and a half trips will see this done.

And challenge one complete!

Part 2 – Weekly Challenges

The Weekly Challenges are a real mixed bag this week. There’s no stupid Eventlab for starters, but we do have The Trial, a Showcase Remix, a couple of PR Stunts and no less than three glorious Seasonal Championships.

The Trial – B Class Heroes

The weekly challenge to forge a team from the deepest, darkest reaches of the interwebs, The Trial challenges us, with a team, to beat an AI team of Unbeatable Driverbots.

This week, the title of The Trial gives the game away somewhat, as we need to use any B Class car, tuned to a maximum of 700. As the races are on road this week, I went with my trusty Ford Ranger T6, as I fancied a bit of a challenge. 

It has a share code of 166960440. It is surprisingly competent on road, too.

A 2018 Ferrari Portofino will be yours for coming out on top (it does seem very easy this week).

Showcase Remix – Shaken, Not Stirred

These are always fun. Take a regular Showcase event, mix it up a bit, and then set yourself loose to win if you can.

The event this time is the one with the Monster trucks, and we have to drive the new Hot Wheels Baja Boneshaker to victory. Again, very straightforward to do. Just be careful on the first big jump as it is easy to jump wide of the next checkpoint.

Winning will grant you the Hot Wheels Rip Rod, so the collection should be well under way.

Danger Sign – Boardwalk

We have to jump off the Boardwalk Danger Sign, in an S1 Class car, and clear 135.0meters. Obviously we need an offroad car to hit this ramp, so I chose a VW Baja Bug, tuned very high. The share code is: 682276916.

Clearing the distance (make sure you get as straight a run up as possible) will net you an Extreme-E No.44 X44.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 10 Summer Baja bug

Trail Blazer – La Marisma

Another offroad challenge, this time limited to A Class 800, but again anything goes.

This is one of the hardest trailblazers in the game, in my opinion, and the section in the middle, through the forest is make or break.

I went with a trusty Jeep Trailcat, share code: 118411445.

Feel your way into this one is the best advice I can give you, and you do need to complete it with 25 seconds on the clock to win.

A Super Wheelspin will be your reward should you succeed.

Seasonal Championship – Extreme Island Prix I

For this championship, we have to use one of the new Extreme-E cars, tuned to a maximum of A Class 800.

I went with the one that I won for clearing the Danger Sign this week, the Extreme-E No,44 X44 and fettled it lightly to make this share code: 164790581.

Winning this championship (or best two races out of three if you are in a convoy) will net you the Extreme -E No.42 car, so that’s nice!

Forza Horizon 5 Series 10 Summer X44

Seasonal Championship – Extreme Island Prix II

The same story as the previous championship, and the same car and tune will carry you through again.

In fact, the only difference is that you win an Extreme-E black race suit…Totally worth the effort, right?

Seasonal Championship – The Modern Era

Finally a championship not powered by Duracell. 

I mean, electric cars are great and all, but there’s something about the snarl of a V8 that is more visceral, you know?

Anyway, Modern Sports Cars, tuned to B Class 700 is the order of the day here. I went with my old favourite the Subaru BRZ in an attempt to add in a bit of excitement. The share code is: 139235813.

It’s a bit slippy as there wasn’t much room left to install decent tyres, so go steady.

Winning will get you a Ford Mustang from 2016.

Part 3 – Other Challenges

There’s a ton going on away from the racing and the PR Stunts with the arrival of Series 10 and we’ve got a Photo Challenge to snap at, a Treasure Hunt to uncover and some Collectibles to smash.

Photo Challenge – #ISLANDMEMORIES

Remember the Rimac we had to use right at the start of this article? When you have finished the Weekly Challenge, pop over to Playa Azul and take a photo of it to complete this week’s Photo challenge. I’ll show you my efforts and where I took the photo below.

Your Prize? A Peach Raul Urias Sundress. I’m not sure I have the legs for it…

Forza Horizon 5 Series 10 Summer Photo 2
Forza Horizon 5 Series 10 Summer Photo 1

Treasure Hunt – Tropical Fruits

Ah, the weekly test of my brain cells, and whether any are left by this time on a Thursday night.

The clue is “Carting on electric wheels is 5 times better if you have the skill” and the picture shows an Extreme-E car crashing into some kind of food cart. I’ve seen these in Mulege, so I guess we need to crash into five of them? Doing so will unlock the Treasure Chest near Playa Azul.

I’ll include the location of the Chest below. However, although the chest has apparently spawned, I can’t find it. I had to reset the game before it would appear, so be warned.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 10 Summer Treasure 2

Collectibles – Battery Powered

This is another pretty simple request – Go to Playa Azul, find some large batteries, and drive into them. They are pretty big and hard to miss, to be honest, but I’ll include a photo of one so you know what you’re looking for.

Smash 20 and you will be richer to the tune of a Rimac Concept Two – a cool 2,000,000 credits.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 10 Summer Battery

A new Series also sees the rollout of a couple of new Monthly Events. This time around we’ve got to set some clean laps around the Monthly Rivals Tierra Propera Circuit and similar around the Forza EV Airfield Cross-Country Circuit. You can pretty much go as slow as you like – just don’t crash and you’ll find 4pts coming your way for each of the events. 

Those points – as always – make prizes and Series 10 – Summer will let you grab the #23 Porsche 917 for 20pts and the Noble M600 for 40pts. They’ll also go towards the full Series 10 rewards of the N0.58 Extreme E for 80pts and RAESR TS ‘19 for 160pts. You won’t be able to pick those up this week, but keep checking back for our full guides to future weeks – Autumn, Winter and Spring will all be coming as they roll out – and you’ll easily obtain enough points. 

So, new cars, new rewards, new challenges, some fun electric goodness and some even crazier Hot Wheels events. What more could you want? You’ll find Forza Horizon 5 is playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC via the Xbox Store. It’s on Game Pass too whilst the Hot Wheels expansion will need to be purchased if you want to go really deep. 

Let us know how it all goes. The comments are below.

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1 year ago

You’re not even playing! Those codes don’t all work and the models that you can use are wrong!

Paul Renshaw
Paul Renshaw
Reply to  Boop
1 year ago

I’m not playing?Where do you think the photos in the article come, mate?

Which codes don’t work for you? I’ll double check the share codes but I have won all the challenges this week using the very codes I mentioned.

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