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Forza Horizon 5 Weekly Challenges Guide – Series 3 – Summer


Hello there fellow Horizoners! If you are anything like me, with a sense of direction that makes going to the toilet in the dark an adventure, you may well have to seek help to complete the weekly challenges that are set in Forza Horizon 5. And, I thought, well, if people are needing help, why don’t I see if I can provide it?

So, what I present to you here is a weekly series of articles that will guide you through the challenges that the good people over at Playground Games throw our way. I will show you where to find the challenges, and also what cars and tunes are best used to get them done.

Let’s kick off with the very latest in the series, covering the fun found in Forza Horizon 5’s Season 3 – Summer, taking in the lion mural, the latest Danger Sign jumps and where exactly you’ll find the most solar panels to smash…

Part 1 – The Weekly Car Challenge – No Expense Spared

This week, the car that the Forza Horizon 5 gods want you to drive is the Lexus LFA 2010. Now, a fun fact about this car: it had to have a fully digital rev counter, as its V10 can gain and lose revs so rapidly, an analogue one just couldn’t keep up! You will see this as you drive the car, the engine note rises almost hysterically. 

Now, assuming you don’t already own the vehicle, it will cost you a cool 500,000 credits from the Autoshow. Once you have one, you have to drive it at over 200mph, so head for the main motorway that runs through the bottom third of the map, as this gives you your best chance. The car will do 200 mph in stock trim, but it is much easier with a little light tuning, so here is the tune I used to do this (115975145):

forza horizon 5 LFA Tune

After hitting the double ton, you then need to win two Road Racing circuit races (they can be the same one twice in a row, if you like – just make sure they are circuit events and not point-to-point) and then take the car for a 20 mile joyride. This is no hardship as it handles like a dream!

Part 2 – Weekly Challenges

Every week, Forza Horizon 5 likes to throw us a couple of curve balls in the shape of challenges. These are generally based around PR stunts, and this week we have to beat a Speed Zone, perform a death defying Danger Sign jump and 3-Star a Trailblazer gate. So, starting at the beginning:

Speed Zone – Ringroad

This is the Ringroad Speedzone, and in order to 3-Star it, we need to have an average speed through the zone of 86mph. Sounds easy, right? Well, it’s not quite as straightforward as you may think! The car has to be the 1998 Toyota Supra limited to a B Class 700 performance rating, so it isn’t as speedy as you may like. My top tip is to get a good run up, as there are three quite tight bends in this speedzone, so hitting the entrance at over 100mph will give you a little bit of leeway to be able to brake. Here is my tune for the car I used (131520461) –

forza horizon 5 Supra B700

Danger Sign – Colina

The Danger Sign in question this week is Colina, and in order to achieve the seasonal objective, we need to hit 178m of hang time. Again, not a massive ask in a fast car, but this time we have to fly through the skies in a Rods or Custom class car, and again the car is limited in performance index, this time to a C Class 600. I used the Ford De Luxe Five-Window Coupe (1932), and here is the share (598226244):

forza horizon 5 Danger Sign Tune

Trailblazer Gate – Desert Descent

The Trailblazer in question is called Desert Descent, and in order to achieve the objective, we have to hit the finish line with more than 25 seconds still on the clock, the same as the regular gate. This is quite a lengthy Trailblazer to attempt, taking us from up in the mountains down towards the sea. My top tip is to hang a fairly sharp right as soon as you go through the gate, as you need to start the downhill section of this Trailblazer as quickly as you can. 

Other than that, keep a sharp eye out for rocks, and don’t be afraid to use the rewind function if needed! The car is limited to a Ford Bronco this time, but a much more reasonable A Class 800 instead of the earlier challenges. I used the #2069 Ford Bronco this time, and my tune is shown below (105463884):

forza horizon 5 Bronco

Part 3 – Seasonal Championships

There are a selection of seasonal championships to try out in Season 3 and the Summer pick… 

Championship 1 – A Mini Adventure. 

As you may have guessed from the title, this championship requires you complete it in a Mini, and given that it is largely off-road, a Mini built for the job would be favourite. I chose the Mini X-Raid All4 Racing and tuned it to its maximum in B Class. In return for winning 3 races (or 2 out 3 if you are playing in a convoy with friends), you will be given a Mini X-Raid JCW Buggy, which is nice! For the tune I used to win these races, please see below (183453347):

forza horizon 5 Mini offroad

Championship 2 – Grand Gesture

Now this is more like it! An S1 Class 900 GT car, a group of naughty night time racers and some ridiculous speeds through the Mexican countryside – this is what we signed up for!

Now, a GT car in the S1 Class can achieve some silly speeds, but just as important is the ability to slow down, so I tuned up a Jaguar XKR-S to do the job, and I’ll share the tune below (138924656). This thing will hit 190 mph on the straights but still handle decently, and even against highly skilled drivatars, I won the championship easily. And was rewarded with a Maserati GT-S for my trouble!

forza horizon 5 Jag

Championship 3 – Come Rain or Shine

I used the Warthog for this race, as it is an Unlimited Offroad car, and because, well, it’s Halo innit! Tuning this beastie up to an A Class 800 makes it a little unruly and it certainly needs a firm hand to tame it, but luckily it is fast enough to win this championship. The reward this time is another Ford Bronco, but this time it is the “Brocky” special edition that looks more like a buggy. The tune I used for the Warthog is below (980774271):

forza horizon 5 Warthog

Part 4 – Others

Photo Challenge – #Heardingcats

This week’s photo challenge is a bit of a doozy, if you don’t know what you are looking for. 

You have to find Farid Rueda’s mural in Playa Azul, and to achieve the #HeardingCats challenge, take a photo of any Jaguar in front of it. Now, for such a big mural, with such vivid colours, it can be hard to find, so I will attach not only a photo of what it looks like, but also where you can find it. 

For reference, if you find The Goliath race on the East coast, it is slightly north of the marker for that, and if the sea is on your left, the mural is on your right, on the front of a building. Simply snap it with your Jag to complete!

forza horizon 5 lion Mural
forza horizon 5 lion Mural location

Collectibles – Lights Out

The only other challenge that may cause some headaches is the one entitled “Lights Out” which needs you to smash 25 solar panels. Now, if you don’t know where they are, this can be a challenge, so I’ve included a photo of the map showing one of the locations. If you’ve found the infamous bonus board hanging from a pylon, it’s just near there!

forza horizon 5 Solar Panels

There are a few daily challenges to complete, and an award for completing a Horizon Tour with a bunch of other folks, but these are the main challenges of Forza Horizon 5 and the Season 3 Summer goodies. Go out and grab some points, unlocking the Ferrari 488 GTB when you reach 25 Forzathon points, and the Toyota Celica ‘03 when you reach 45 points. Who would have thought a Toyota would be harder to get than a Ferrari, eh? It may take a bit of practice, but both cars are eminently obtainable provided you follow our advice. 

And of course, as this is Summer, it’s just the first step towards the Series 3 goodies of the Zenvo TS1 (120pts) and the Ford Mustang ’71 (200pts).

We hope that this Forza Horizon 5 guide can help in your quest for points, for accolades and for new found Forza Horizon 5 skills. Let us know in the comments if it’s been of some use. If it has, be sure to join our club over on the game (TheXboxHub, if you’re interested), or follow my creator tab on the game itself (Red620Ti).

If you haven’t yet purchased Forza Horizon 5 or even downloaded it via Game Pass, get over to the Xbox Store and fix those wrongs.

Stay tuned for our guide helping you through Series 3 – Autumn in a few days. Grab enough points for that and you’ll find the rather Epic Donkervoort GTO (25pts) and the Toyota AT37 (45pts), in your garage.

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