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Forza Horizon 5 Weekly Challenges Guide – Series 5 – Spring


The Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where the birdies is… As you should be able to tell from my poetry, the new season is here in Forza Horizon 5, and it’s hot out there.  So, let’s turn up the heat on the new Weekly Challenges found in Series 5 – Spring, shall we? Should you need a hand completing any, read on as our full walkthrough and guide to the Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 – Spring challenges should help.  

Series 5 is all about the Horizon Rush Takeover and Spring is no different. In fact, this week, apart from the Trial, the weekly ordeal against unbeatable Driverbots, racing again takes a back seat, with the championship from last week again replaced by the usual “Come and play the Playground Games playlist, it’s really fun, honest” challenge. Still, at least I don’t have to play the Eliminator this week, so swings and roundabouts… With the usual assortment of cars to be won (yay!) and also clothing to be acquired (err..yay?) let’s get on with gathering up the finest rewards in Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 – Spring…

Part 1 – The Weekly Challenge – Light as a Feather

This week, the car to own is the 2010 Mosler MT900S, a car that enjoyed a lot of popularity in the Forza Horizon 4 due to its ability to score highly in PR Stunts.

Chapter 1 – Fit for Purpose

Own and drive the Mosler MT900S. If you haven’t already acquired it, then buckle up: it’s a cool 320,000 credits to buy from the Autoshow. Bargain.

Chapter 2 – Mosler Tingle

Channeling their inner Uncle Ben, the description of this chapter is “With great acceleration comes great responsibility”. Basically, what this means is that you need to score ten stars from speed traps in the car. 

Piece of cake, right? 

Well, yes and no, as in stock trim this car is out of ideas at around 190mph, so maybe one of the slower ones would suit it best.

Chapter 3 – All Rounder

The next chapter asks us to bank a total of 300mph across speed zones. Should be easy enough, right? I’d stick to a tarmac one to be honest, as it isn’t great off road, and I used the Punta Allen speed zone, as it’s pretty short. 

With an average of around 140mph on each trip, it took three runs to complete this.

Chapter 4 – Supercharged

Now, this may be more of a challenge!

We have to complete a speed trap and a speed zone in under two minutes. No hint on whether we need to three star them or just go through them, but luckily this is why we are here, to answer the questions you didn’t even know you had. 

Well, after a little experimentation, I can tell you the answer is that you just need to finish them, no maximum score required. I used Punta Allen again and then the Drag Strip Speed Trap nearby to tick off this week’s challenge.

Part 2 – Seasonal Championships  

Championship 1 – The Trial

Following on from the Series 5 – Winter challenges, it’s The Trial against Unbeatable Drivatars that you need to worry about this week.

The cars this week are limited to a maximum of A Class 800, and must be made by Lotus. As Colin Chapman, the founder of Lotus said when he was asked about the philosophy behind his cars “Simplify, and add lightness”, so I chose a Lotus Elise Series 1 Sport, reputably one of the finest handling cars ever made. A little light fettling gave us a share code of 925026730.

Remember, it’s a team race, so taking out your teammates is not the path to victory. Ask me how I know…

Get in a team, race your heart out and you’ll be treated with a rather pretty Lotus 3-Eleven as a reward.

forza horizon 5 series 5 spring Elise

Part 3 – Weekly Challenges

Challenge 1 – Eventlab – MRMAGMATIZER Presents

Another Eventlab event, this time described a Touge style event.

Now, in my day, Touge events were one-on-one races along the dangerous mountain roads of Japan, and so it appears to be here. We have a restriction of B Class 700 and anything from Japan, so clearly it’s going to be an Skyline isn’t it, just because Skylines are the greatest.

I went with the R32 GT-R, as I felt the original Godzilla would be a good choice.

The share code for the car is:135285831

The event itself is pretty horrible, a narrow track on the edge of a mountain, as you’d expect, with some really quite nasty width restrictions to deal with.

Also the walls appear to have the same coefficient of friction as Superglue, as the slightest touch will slam you to a halt so fast you’d be looking for your detached retinas in the footwell in real life!

Last week we won an Orange Pinata Head for taking part in the Eventlab goodies – this week sees us presented with a Black Drift Zone Tee. Oh the variety… 

forza horizon 5 series 5 spring Skyline

Challenge 2 – Danger Sign – Salto de Rio

Another Danger sign to clear, and the seasonal objective is to jump in a Rally Monster, at S1 Class 900, over 113m.

This is fairly easy, even over a dirt road approach, and I chose my Ford Racing Puma FE.

Driving along the road by the river I cleared 160m easily. The share code for this car is 146677047.

A Wheelspin seems scant reward for flinging you and your car into the void, but that will be coming your way should you nail this Danger Sign 

forza horizon 5 series 5 spring Puma

Challenge 3 – Speed Zone -Trebol

The Speed Zone challenge this week is to hit an average of 190mph, in an S1 Class 900 open top car. Luckily, I cut my hair very short, as I imagine nearly 200mph would ruin your average hairstyle. You probably don’t want to be headbutting any wasps at that speed either, I’m going to guess!

Still, the choice is fairly wide, and I plumped for the Caterham Superlight R500, as a lot of the cars that should be eligible didn’t seem to be. The share code for the beastie is: 510271323

At last a decent reward! The very expensive Bugatti T35C will be yours for beating this Speed Zone. 

forza horizon 5 series 5 spring Caterham

Challenge 4 – Trail Blazer – Cruse De Granja

A Mini, with a restriction of B Class 700, and to complete the Trailblazer with 12 seconds left on the clock? Sounds interesting. 

Clearly it needs to be an offroad Mini, and so I chose the 2013 X-Raid All4 Racing Countryman, and the share code is: 183453347.

The only thing to watch out for are the kind of polytunnel/greenhouse looking things near the finish, otherwise it is clean sailing. And remember, rewind is your friend. 

There’s another stupid tee shirt up for grabs: The White Trailblazer Finish one to be exact. Gotta look stylish, right?

forza horizon 5 series 5 spring Mini

Challenge 5 – Speed Trap – Tulum

A Speed Trap now, and in a car that I would personally buy if I ever won the lottery, the Nissan GT-R 2020, tuned to a maximum of S1 900.

The seasonal challenge is to hit the trap at 145mph, which is ambling speed for the GT-R, but the approaches are a little twisty turny, so a modicum of caution may be needed.

Oh, and one more detail: The 2020 GT-R can’t be bought, only won in the seasonal playlist, so you’ll need to complete a few events before you can do this one. Luckily, stock trim, approaching from the Festival side makes this abreeze.

Blast the Speed Trap and a gorgeous Pagani Huayra FE will be yours, so keep trying!.  

Challenge 6 – Drift Zone – Punto Norte

My favourite part of these weekly events, the drifting.

This time you’ll want to take any Hoongan car out for a slide, as long as it is S1 Class 900. So, I decided to try the Honnigan F-150 Hoonitruck. Why not?

The target is a modest 50,000 drift points for this season, but with the course being off road, a little finesse will go a long way. I took the truck as is, with no modifications, and hit 79K on my first try, despite a couple of embarrassing 360’s. 

Another Wheelspin? Sorted.  

Part 4 – Other Challenges

Forza Horizon 5 isn’t just about the racing and jumping and Series 5 – Spring is all about a Photo Challenge, a Treasure Hunt, and a Horizon Open challenge.

Photo Challenge – #ITSATRAP

Admiral Ackbar voice is absolutely mandatory for this one!

Take the Mitsubishi Starion (said to be a mispronunciation of Stallion when they were naming the car) and take a photo at one of the new speed traps, Pantano Pass.Y ou can see my attempt at an artistic interpretation below!

The reward for snapping away? “It is the way” Forza Link phrase. Now I’m trying to think of a situation where that might be useful…

forza horizon 5 series 5 spring Photo challenge

Horizon Open – You shall not Pass

This week you need to play the Horizon Open version of the Playground games, and in particular Team Flag Rush. You need to deny three flags in this game mode, and parking on the pick up point for the flags for the other team seems to be the easiest way to score these.

A Forza Link phrase is up for grabs here – if only so you can scream ‘I’m a Games Master’ at your fellow drivers, while wearing a monocle. (Reference to old school GmaesMaster there, not this new one with Trevor McDonald).  

Treasure Hunt – Acura Me Treasure!

The clue for this week’s Treasure Hunt is “Acura a clue by travelling fast to see new stars on the horizon. A quick flash and you’ll see!”.

So, we need to drive an Acura, hit a Speed Trap, and I’m guessing it will have to be a new one for this Series? The photo looks like it needs to be an Integra type R, and I tuned it to the top of A Class, with a share code of 671828283.

The speed trap you want is the Horizon Baja one, with a speed of 110mph to three star it. Once you’ve done that, the treasure chest will appear at the top of the map, under the railway bridge, and give you 50,000 credits when you crash into it.

forza horizon 5 series 5 spring Treasure 1
forza horizon 5 series 5 spring Integra

Following our guide to the Weekly Challenges in Forza Horizon 5 – Series 5 – Spring should mean that this week’s options are relatively simple. 

Each and every one you complete will go some way towards earning you enough points for the two unlockable cars for the week with Series 5 – Spring offering up the Nisaan GT-R ‘20 for 20pts and the Honda Civic ‘84 for 40pts. 

You should by now have obtained plenty of Series 5 points across the seasons, grabbing the rewards in the form of the Forza Edition Mini ‘65 FE (80pts) and the Legendary Porsche 917 LH (160pts). 

Next week it is all change, with a new Series to get our teeth into with unknown rewards, which is pretty exciting. 

Remember to make sure you download a copy of Forza Horizon 5 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC. It’s freely downloadable via Game Pass and available from the Xbox Store for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. 

And let us know if you like this guide. The comments are below whilst the social media channels are in the usual places.

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