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Forza Horizon 5 Weekly Challenges Guide – Series 5 – Winter


The winter is here but in Forza Horizon 5 that means we come to the start of the Dry Season. It’s there, with that seasonal change in which the latest set of weekly challenges come about too, building out the cars, points and rewards that are on offer. Should you need a hand completing any of those, our full walkthrough and guide to the Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 – Winter challenges should help.  

Series 5 is all about the Horizon Rush Takeover and Winter is no different. There are new cars on offer, additional challenges to take part in and all manner of PR Stunts to have fun with. There’s the usual Photo Challenge too – #STUNTPARADISE – whilst the latest Collectibles challenge will see you with the chance to swap out your green pinata outfit for an orange one.

Part 1 – The Weekly Challenge – Offroad Revolution

This week, the car to own is apparently Ken Block’s dream car, the 1986 Hoonigan Ford RS200 Evolution.

Chapter 1 – Living the Dream

Own and drive the Hoonigan RS200. Now, if you don’t already own this car, your wallet may be about to take a hit – the car is a cool 500,000 credits from the Autoshow.

Chapter 2 – The B’s Knees

Next up, after we have set off, we need to hit 3 stars  at the La Subida Speed Zone in this car.

If you are struggling to find it, it is in the west of the map, in the desert area. 

Now, out of the box the car is pretty quick, so in order to 3 star it, we need an average speed of 115mph .In stock trim, I got 112.7, so I upgraded the car just a smidge to make it better able to cope with the loose surface. The share code is 818925975, and with just over 1000 BHP it certainly flies now. 

123.3 MPH average in case you were wondering, approaching from the north over open country instead of following the road.

forza horizon 5 series 5 winter RS200

Chapter 3 – History of Evolution

The next chapter asks us to bank 100,000 skill points while driving around in the RS200.

Now, if only there was some kind of stunt zone where we could rack points up very quickly…

Head to the stadium in the centre of the map where you will find just such a wonderland. Go crazy for a few minutes and you’ll have this knocked out of the park.

Chapter 4 – I Can Fly!

Finally, what trip through the history of Horizon PR stunts would be complete without a crack at a danger sign?

Simply score 6 stars in total from any jump. I chose the Runway Danger Sign on the runway, believe it or not, at the bottom of the map.

With enough of a run up, this little car can easily crack the 533.4m required for three stars, so rinse and repeat, and the job is done!

Part 2 – Seasonal Championships – 

Championship 1 – The Trial

Following on from the Autumn challenges, it’s The Trial against Unbeatable Drivatars that you need to worry about this week. 

The cars for this week are limited to Retro Rally on a B Class 700, but further limited to the Audi Quattro, Evo VI, Peugeot 205 Turbo or the Subaru 22B.

I obviously chose the 22B that we could buy from the shop last week, and tuned it up a wee bit to make this monster: 164422572. 

Remember, it’s a team race, so taking out your team mates is not the path to victory. Ask me how I know…

Get in a team, race your heart out and you’ll be treated with an Opel Manta 400 as a reward.

Championship 2 – After Party

This championship is for those of you with seriously deep pockets. The restriction is S2 Class 998, and the other restriction is the car has to cost over 2,000,000 credits before any upgrades. Blimey.

I went with a Koenigsegg Agera Rs, which was a hefty chunk of change, and tuned it a tad to make this creature: 109282883.

With a scarcely believable 1300 BHP and AWD, this thing grips and goes!

Always wanted to own a Ferrari? How about the seriously good looking F355?

forza horizon 5 series 5 winter agera

Part 3 – Weekly Challenges

Challenge 1 – Eventlab – FATEFU1BLISS Presents

Another Eventlab event, this time in a Track Toy restricted to S1 Class 900.

Now, the definition of Track Toy in Forza Horizon 5 is somewhat wide, ranging from BAC Mono’s right up to Ford Supervans, so I chose something small, nimble and lightweight, the KTM X-Bow R from 2013.

Tuned to the limit in S1 gave us a share code of: 678935417. 

The event itself is pretty horrible, a narrow course full of obstacles and walls apparently made of Superglue, as touching them slows you to a stop almost immediately. And avoiding the walls is easier said than done when the Driverbots all want the same bit of track you do.

Last week we won a Green Pinata Head for taking part in the Eventlab goodies – this week sees us presented with an Orange Pinata Head. Oh the variety… 

forza horizon 5 series 5 winter KTM

Challenge 2 – Danger Sign – Ranas Saltarinas

Another Danger sign to clear, and the seasonal objective is to jump over 107m in any Morris car.

Now, one of my favourite cars in the game is the Morris Minor Forza Edition, and handily it already comes tuned up to the max for A Class 800, which is the limit in this event.

So, procure a Minor, and go jumping! Hitting the ramp at 90 ish mph saw me clear the target comfortably.

The Meyers Manx will be coming your way should you nail this Danger Sign 

Challenge 3 – Speed Zone – Airfield Speed Zone

Annoyingly, you can’t do this challenge straight away, as the car you need is only awarded after scoring 20 points in the seasonal playlist. Yes, it’s the Noble M600, and it can be tuned to a maximum of S1 Class 900.

We have to hit 150mph average through the speed zone, which is a big ask, and so I did a little light fretting and came up with this: 114 124251.

Approaching from the west I hit 154mph through the zone, but watch the last corner before the end, it is sharper than you think!

We still aren’t totally sold on the reward of a Tee for such a challenge, but it’s the Black Speed Zone Tee which we get for completing this one.  

forza horizon 5 series 5 winter Noble

Challenge 4 – Trail Blazer – Festival Descend

This could be a challenge: A C Class 600 Pickup or 4X4, and to complete the trailblazer with 10 seconds left on the clock?

Well, luckily I have just the tool for the job, a trusty Land Rover Defender 90 from 1997!

Even after the worst start in the history of the world, where I rolled the car down the mountain rather than on its wheels, I still managed to finish in time. The share code for this car is: 123449250.

There’s a pretty cool car up for grabs here too – the Lambo LM 002. Surely you want that in your garage? 

Challenge 5 – Speed Trap – Horizon Baja Speed Trap

A Speed Trap now, and to keep with the theme of Baja, we have to hit the trap at 60mph or faster in a B Class 700 Baja Truck. 

Now, these things are not known for their ease of driving, so I jumped in the Toyota #1 T1000 Baja Truck to give it a blast. And lo and behold, in bone stock trim, approaching from the south around the circuit, the truck smashed the objective at 81mph. 

Just trying to save you all some money, that’s all.

Spin those wheels and a Wheelspin will be yours.  

Challenge 6 – Drift Zone – Precipice

My favourite part of these weekly events, the drifting.

This time, take the Formula Drift Ferrari 599 GTB out for a slide. If you need to buy it, then it’s as well I saved you a few pennies, as it is a rather steep 500,000 from the Autoshow.

Still, it’s nice to look at, isn’t it?

Once you have your hot little hands on the car, you need to score only 35,000 points to win the seasonal championship. Very straight forward, and again, stock trim will see you right.

Another Wheelspin? Sorted.  

Part 4 – Other Challenges

Forza Horizon 5 isn’t just about the racing – sometimes you just need to stop hooning around and take stock of what is around you. That’s the case with the Photo Challenge, the Eliminator and the Collectibles for Series 5 – Winter.  

Photo Challenge – #STUNTPARADISE

Remember when we went to the stadium in the Hoonigan RS200 earlier? While you are there, take a photo of the car to tick this one off the list.

I went for an action shot, as you can see below.

forza horizon 5 series 5 winter Photo Challenge

The Eliminator – Battle Royale

This week we only need to stay in the competition until we are in the top 30, which is lucky as that’s when I begin to run out of talent. 

Hide in a bush until the gung-ho people have eliminated each other is my only advice, I’m afraid.

A Forza Link phrase is up for grabs here – if only so you can scream ‘Never Tell Me The Odds’ at your fellow drivers.  

Collectibles – Collectasaurus

As is usual with these events, some enterprising people have already setup Event Lab events for this challenge. Doing a brief search of the Event Lab will show a lot of options, but the one I used had a share code of 548048546.

This is not mine, by the way, but if someone else is willing to do the work, why not take advantage of their generosity?

Smash these and you’ll find the rest of that Orange Pinata Outfit to be yours. 

Following our guide to the Weekly Challenges in Forza Horizon 5 – Series 5 – Winter should mean that this week’s options are relatively simple. 

Each and every one you complete will go some way towards earning you enough points for the two unlockable cars for the week (as will partaking in the Daily Challenges), with Series 5 – Winter offering up the Noble M600 for 20pts and the M-B 300SL for 40pts. 

You’ll also be more than a couple of steps towards the completion of the full Series 5 rewards too – the Forza Edition Mini ‘65 FE (80pts) and the Legendary Porsche 917 LH (160pts). 

Following Winter of Series 5 will be the Spring as the Hot Season kicks into play. We’ll cover those Weekly Challenges with a full guide too, hopefully ensuring you get the free Nissan GTR ‘20 and Honda Civic ‘84 added to your car collection. 

Remember to make sure you download a copy of Forza Horizon 5 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC. It’s freely downloadable via Game Pass and available from the Xbox Store for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. 

And let us know if you like this guide. The comments are below. 

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