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Forza Horizon 5 Weekly Challenges Guide Series 7 – Autumn


You should know the deal by now – as Forza Horizon 5 moves from Summer to Autumn, the Wet Season turns Stormy and the Festival Playlist gets updates with all manner of new and exciting events. Nailing everything put in front of you will ensure you are well rewarded, with new cars, more Wheelspins than you know what to do with and additional horns for you to annoy the community with. Should you be struggling to work out the best ways of completing the challenges found in Forza Horizon 5’s Series 7 – Autumn Festival Playlist, then join us as we run through the finest cars and tunes that you will ever need. 

Part 1 – Weekly Challenge – Lobo

Another week, another car in the spotlight, and this week the star is the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor, a scary name for a pickup truck!

Chapter 1:  Lobo Raptor

Buy the truck, if required, (a mere 63,000 credits at the Autoshow) get in it, and go for a drive. Step one ticked off. 

Chapter 2: Unstoppable

The next step in the chain is to win any Cross Country event. Picking a shortish one will let you tick this off quickly, and if you leave it in stock trim it should cope quite nicely.

I went with the Estadio Cross Country circuit, and the stock trim knocked it out of the park. Saving money in the cost of living crisis, see?

Chapter 3: Express Delivery

Off road credentials are a big part of the ruffty tuffty appeal of these cars, and now we need to prove that we are serious by earning nine stars from Trailblazer events.

The easiest one for me is Malpais, just on the main highway on the left of the map, as it is short and fairly forgiving. Run it, fast travel back to the start and run it again and again and this step will be a piece of cake.

Mmm, cake…

Chapter 4: Through Rain and Shine

Finally, a little challenge for those of you who like to get skill score: bank 500,000 cumulative skill score in the truck.

Heading to the empty desert on the left of the map seems like a good place to earn score, drifting, jumping, and so on, but however you choose to do it, keep at it and step 4 will soon be complete.

Getting lucky with a skill song won’t hurt either.

Part 2 – Weekly Challenges

Series 7 – Autumn comes with the usual challenges. You’ve got some Seasonal Championships to enjoy, you’ve got The Trial to endure and you’ve got some PR Stunts to nail. Oh, and the Horizon Arcade Mini Games and good old EventLab fun is here too. 

Eventlab – SUBIE Presents Baja California Stage

This an odd event for there are no restrictions, so you can drive whatever you like, and so, being an old skinflint at heart, I stayed in the Raptor I’d been using for the weekly challenge.

Race and win over an off road track and you too can emerge victorious! Of course, as we are the only car on track, it is quite difficult to lose…

For winning, we get a nice Mini X-Raid vehicle, which is certainly better than a stupid hat, isn’t it?

Horizon Arcade – Mini Games

The return of the Horizon Arcade requirement is good news for me, as it gives me an excuse to get my drift on. 

Simply complete the third stage of any Horizon Arcade event to complete this challenge, and walk away with three points towards the weekly car rewards.

The Trial – Rallying Around Mexico

Ah, Rallying, one of my favourite motorsports after the bloodbath that is the BTCC (keep your F1!). 

For the Trial this week, we have to take on Unbeatable Driverbots in off road racing, using a B Class 700 Modern Rally type car. And Modern Rally to me says only one thing: a Lancer Evo. In this case, an Evo VIII, and its share code is 141 172 186.

As always, success and failure can be down to your teammates, so if at first you don’t succeed, find another team. Feel free to shout us and TheXboxHub’s finest will happily join forces. 

Completing The Trial this week will net you a Hoonigan RS200, one of the finest off road vehicles in the game. Well worth trying for. 

Seasonal Playground Games – Black Jaguar

The periodical enticement to play the Playground Games is here, and to make it interesting, you have to use a Jaguar car up to a maximum of A Class 800.

Now, as these are largely off road affairs, a little tweaking may be in order, and if we are going to have a Jaaaaaaag, why not a classic Mk II? My share code is 180 570117, and if you can’t enjoy sliding around in a car that is more reminiscent of Blenheim Place than a racing car, I don’t know what to tell you. 

This also ties in to one of the odd challenges this week, called Spread the Joy, which is to infect three players in Infected or Survival game modes. With a spot of luck, two birds with one stone. 

Win or lose, a Farid Rueda Lion Suit will be yours to keep.And if you infect three players, a Forza Link Phrase, “BRRRAAIIINNNNSSSSS” can also be yours.

Speed Zone – El Gancho

Porsche cars to a max of A Class 800 are needed for this Speed Zone, which sees us needing to hit an average of 74mph. Sounds easy, right?

Well, this is an off road speed zone, so some fettling may be needed. I went with a Porsche 959 from 1987, mainly because it was conceived as a rally car. A little tweaking saw this share code: 424088933.

Approaching from the north saw me smash 76mph on the first attempt. There is a sharp bend in the middle though, so be ready on the brakes and cut it as much as you dare. 

A Super Wheelspin will be yours should you manage to squeak the speed out.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 7 Autumn 959

Speed Trap – Caballo Blanco

Mitsubishi, B Class 700, and a Speed Trap, what could be better? 

We need to hit this camera at 130mph, which doesn’t sound too tricky, even if the class is a little on the low side. I used an Eclipse, as it seemed to offer the most tuning potential, and the share code is: 746122471.

I really struggled with this, for the first time ever, and getting the run up exactly right is paramount.

The Reward, a Nissan R390, makes it worth the fruitless runs however. 

Forza Horizon 5 Series 7 Autumn Eclipse

Trail Blazer – City Escape

This is one of the shorter runs, through the city streets, and is restricted to a B Class 700 VW car. I chose a Golf R 2021 as my chariot of choice, and the share code is: 906454196.

We have to complete the trailblazer with 44 seconds on the clock, a full 9 seconds faster than the three star time, and this is again challenging.

Another Super Wheelspin can be yours when you finally succeed (Just watch that corner near the church!).

Seasonal Championship – Cross-Countryside

An off road challenge, restricted to a B Class 700, against highly skilled Driverbots? Sign me up. 

I went with the classic Ford Ranger T6 Rally Raid vehicle for this, and the share code is:166960440. This has the turn of speed and handling necessary to mix it with the aggressive driver bots.

Winning all three races (or two out of three if you are in a convoy) will get you a Mexican Hat Dance car horn. Nope, I’ve never heard of it either. 

Forza Horizon 5 Series 7 Autumn Ranger

Seasonal Championship – Second Home

Nissan cars, S1 Class 900 – there’s only one choice for on road racing isn’t there? It has to be the GT-R, and I went with the 2017 model. I tuned it up to: 972597860. I absolutely love these things, and would buy one in a heartbeat if I ever won the Lottery.

Battering all comers will see you take home the classic GT-R from 1973, the same vintage as me. 

Forza Horizon 5 Series 7 Autumn GT-R

Part 3 – Other Challenges

Away from the grind of the racing grid, the Other Challenges in Autumn of Series 7 include the usual Photo Challenge opportunity and the need to hit the Horizon Open and get infected…


Do you want a White Modern Puebla Dress? If so, get in a Cult Car and move it to Teotihuacan, in the middle-ish of the nap, and take a photo. It will be yours. 

Please see my efforts, and the location below.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 7 Autumn Photo 1
Forza Horizon 5 Series 7 Autumn Photo 2

Horizon Open – Spread the Joy

As mentioned above with the Black Jaguar Seasonal Playground Games offering – simply hit three other players when playing Infected or Survival. Simples! One Forza Link phrase to go, please…

If you followed our Series 7 – Summer guide then you should have already ticked off the Monthly Rivals event, but in case you haven’t, just shoot off to the Playa Azul Circuit and post a clean lap. 4 points and the knowledge that you are a clean driver will then be yours. 

Every event in Series 7 earns you points in Forza Horizon 5, with the Autumn rewards being those of the Ferrari Cali T (20pts) and the Jaguar XKR-S ‘15 for 40pts. You should also now be well on your way to gathering up the Series 7 cars of the Ferrari SF90 for 80pts and the Ferrari 599 GTO for 160pts. If you haven’t earnt enough yet, then get back here for Winter and Spring in the coming weeks. 

To play Forza Horizon 5 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC, you’ll need to visit the Xbox Store. It’s freely downloadable through Game Pass. 

The comments are below if you would like to comment on our guide. Let us know which of the tunes are your favourite.

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