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FoxyRush is a cheap – but tasty – little platformer

FoxyRush is a cheap little platformer

Cheap little platformers are pretty much two-a-penny on console. But still we lap up the treats, flocking as soon as a new one lands. FoxyRush looks to be no different. 

Available right now as the latest from Ratalaika Games is FoxyRush. Priced at £4.99 (launch discount in place if you are super quick), this releases on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, as well as on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

Help little Foxy get his cherries

FoxyRush has you playing as a little fox – Foxy, shock horror. It’s here where a tale unfolds, one in which little Foxy’s stash of cherries is stolen. You see, Foxy loves cherries and so he embarks on an adventure to get his food returned. This takes him through the jungle, across lava caves, into the clouds and more.

Only by succeeding in each stage will Foxy be reunited with his food source. 

What this basically means is that Foxy is left to run, jump, slide and rope swing his way across a host of levels; some 64 in all. With traps to dodge, enemies to bottom-bounce on and magic stars to gather up, this is about as standard platforming as you are likely to find. It’s that which means it is likely to appeal though. 

Key features

  • 64 levels with unique challenges and puzzles!
  • Collect stars to unlock new characters!
  • Colorful World
  • Energetic chiptune style music
  • Collect cherries at each level supplies and advance further

Buy now!

Should you be in the market for a new platformer, then FoxyRush should be considered. It’s on the Xbox Store right now, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

You’ll also find the game on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

FoxyRush Description

Foxy is a little fox who loves to eat cherries. One day, when he fell asleep, his supplies were stolen! Now he has to go through many levels and collect all the cherries to get his supplies back. Embark on an exciting journey through dense jungles, air clouds, and lava caves! To complete all the levels and get your berries back, Foxy will have to show his dexterity, speed, and ability to solve puzzles. Run, jump, slide on walls, cling to ropes, and dodge various traps and enemies! Collect magic stars on each level that will unlock new characters.

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