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We all like free stuff and the latest content bundle for Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor is just that….FREE!

The Power of Shadow bundle gives players the opportunity to don the appearance of Sauron’s fearsome servant, the Black Hand, whilst also powering up to take down their Nemesis using the new Epic Runes of Power.

The Power of Shadow bundle is free right now on Xbox One (will be coming to PS4 and PC soon) and includes the following:

  • Play as the Black Hand of Sauron
  • Epic Runes including: One with Nature – Immunity to Poison attacks from Uruk Captains or Ghuls, Ascendant – Double Focus Time for slow motion ranged combat, Elven Grace – Increased defence which halves the damage of enemy strikes.

Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor is out right now on Xbox One and from the 18th November on Xbox 360. You can read our full review of the game by clicking this link.

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Plinky Ploppy
Plinky Ploppy
7 years ago

Yay more free stuff on Xbox One 🙂
Time to download…