Pure Pool Xbox One screenshot (1)

Pure Pool is nearing its Xbox One release and to celebrate VooFoo Studios and Ripstone have released some super shiny screenshots.

Available soon as an Xbox One download, Pure pool will bring a whole new level of pool realism to your console. Take in the opportunity to play in a living breathing pool hall with the most authentic pool experience to date as VooFoo build on past glories to bring you something special.

With full live online multiplayer featuring head-to-head matches and online leagues, Pure Pool will create each player a unique DNA profile much like the Forza series does with the superb Drivatars, so for those rare moments when there is no one else online, you’ll still be able to play against your friends.

Pure Pool promises to be something special and we caught up with the devs VooFoo a few months back for a little chat about the game. You can read the full Q&A interview just here whilst we wait for that all-important release date!

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7 years ago

Great little gem and a great price too. Because apparently Forza 5 in 2013 was the first game ever to use “Ghost” data as I like to call it.
Is that the superb Drivatars that have been proven to act nothing like a player if they were completely useless for example?