xbox games with gold april 2021

Being honest, the Xbox Games With Gold freebies for March 2021 were a tad disappointing. But hey, let’s not dwell on the past and as April looks to kick into gear the Games With Gold scheme is once more providing a number of free games to Xbox Live Gold subscribers across the coming month. And yep, this time round the selection is a whole load better. At least it is depending on who you ask.

The Xbox Games With Gold scheme may have taken a serious backseat in terms of gaming hype in recent times, mostly thanks to the brilliant Xbox Game Pass hogging the limelight, but still, if you get the opportunity to fill your Xbox digital library with new titles, you should do so. And that’s where the Games With Gold goodies are brilliant.

For April 2021, Games With Gold is providing access to four titles absolutely free-of-charge. Two of those are old-school affairs, but two are much more modern titles, with all playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S either natively or through the power of backwards compatibility. If you have a valid Xbox Gold subscription in place, the following can be yours for free…

In order to grab the free games you just need to swing by the Xbox Store come the dates shown, drop in a download hit and the job is done. You don’t even have to play the games straight away either; saving them for a rainy day is a more than viable option.

Of course, with the new titles fast approaching it does mean that those from March will soon be going away. Warface Breakout goes up in price from April 1st, as does that of Port Royale 3. You’ve got a little bit longer to access your download for Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse though – that runs out in mid-April.

As always let us know your thoughts concerning the latest freebies to arrive through the Xbox Games With Gold scheme. The comments are below.

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