Professor Rubik’s Brain Fitness xbox one

Forget Dr. Kawashima, for there’s a new grey matter expert on the block going by the name of Professor Rubik. If you’re not familiar with the professor yet, don’t worry, because Microids have given us the lowdown on the upcoming Professor Rubik’s Brain Fitness, including its release date for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Developed by Magic Pockets, and part of Microids (Asterix & Obelix XXL 2) extensive publishing catalogue, Professor Rubik’s Brain Fitness is a brain teaser program that’s inspired the famous multicoloured cube. As it currently stands it’s set for release on 12th November in Europe and 17th November in the United States for the aforementioned platforms.

The idea for this brain fitness software originates from the Rubik’s Cube itself; you know, the massively popular, multi-generational brain teaser invented by the genius Ernὄ Rubik. Professor Rubik’s Brain Fitness offers a rich selection of fun activities looking to stimulate each and every part of the brain. With activities based on memory, logic, focus, maths and more, it’ll hopefully enhance or maintain your grey matter’s snappiness.

An individual coach will guide you through this journey to improve your mental reflexes. That’s where the marvellous Professor Rubik comes into play, who’s been inspired by inventor Ernὄ Rubik, and will be by your side every step of the way. Being wise, often reassuring and keen on explaining the exercises, the Professor will make your experience as fun as possible, while also proving that daily practice will lead to measurable improvements.

Key Features

  • Play smart. In solo mode, complete a daily test and follow your progression to unlock new activities. Will you reach 100% of your intellectual power?
  • Challenge your friends! In multiplayer mode, challenge your family and friends to lively, colourful and friendly games.

So whether alone, or with friends, get ready to take on dozens of challenges featuring bright Rubik’s Cube colours and train at your own pace by choosing time-limited activities or tackling more complex puzzles. With more than 22 activities at release and 4 “puzzle-game” modes that get progressively harder, Professor Rubik’s Brain Fitness should possess everything to become the ultimate Rubik’s challenge. Until then, just focus on remembering the different release dates for Europe (12th Nov) and the US (17th Nov)!

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