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Being confined to one room is so last gen. In fact, with the arrival of Nintendo Switch, and the likes of GAEMS with their Sentinel Personal Gaming Environment, no longer are you to be found stuck in a small dark room when taking in your gaming sessions. Buddah Tek have realised this too, and have today announced a new personal gaming station – the Rover 1 – and the R1 messenger bag. If you want to game in luxury and style, this is for you.

The Rover 1 personal gaming station when combined with the R1 messenger bag will be sure to deliver convenience and fashion to your gaming needs, and it is this flagship solution that Buddah Tek have unveiled, designed for those gamers who are looking for high end luxury gaming on the go.

Designed by fashion and tech entrepreneur Venus Brown – Owner & CEO of Buddah Brown International – the Rover 1 features an ultra-luxurious monogramed design that lets you take your console gaming experience wherever you go. Meanwhile the eye-catching R1 messenger bag features the quality of European luxury houses while offering unparalleled convenience and protection for your Rover 1. With Brown having helped garner massive success for award winning mega-recording artists including Justin Timberlake, John Legend, Fergie, Janet Jackson and Black Eyed Peas, leading brand / artist collaborations with Lil Wayne, Bad Bunny, Ciara, and Executive Produced Fashion Rocks globally, you can be sure that this Rover 1 will be at the top of its game.

“Every day in the course of my work with musicians, sports stars, and culture icons, I see people playing games, whether it’s backstage, in the locker room, or in the studio,” says Buddah Tek founder Venus Brown. “But until now there hasn’t been a portable console gaming solution that you can play on an airplane or anywhere for that matter for people who like to express themselves though style and fashion. The Buddah Tek products change all that.”

The Rover 1’s sleek, monogrammed exterior will turn heads while the patented, TSA-approved, high-impact chassis is uniquely designed to accommodate an Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro. A truly single-outlet solution, the Rover 1 is powered directly by the console via the included Dual USB to 5V DC cable, making it perfect for the airplane, locker room, college dorm, tour bus, on deployment, or backseat on a family road trip. A pop-up built-in 13.3″ 1080P FHD Anti-Glare monitor provides stunning visuals on the go, while the HDMI-Out lets you keep your console unit inside and simply hook it to an external TV when not on the go. The Rover 1 features built-in 3 watt cylinder subwoofer dynamic sound speakers and dual 3.5mm headphone jacks with Bluetooth 4.2 so you can stream your own music through the speakers or headphones while playing.

The R1 messenger bag helps present a new standard for luxury gaming travel. The high-end bag was designed especially with gamers in mind with enough space to carry your Rover 1 or any game console or laptop, along with its controllers and accessories, without sacrificing protection, quality or style. The main compartment features a Velcro closure, and dual controller straps fit all PlayStation and Xbox types. Cables and accessories fit easily in a separate compartment. The exterior features a hidden waterproof zipper design for weather resistance, reinforced double stitching for durability, a comfortably padded and adjustable shoulder strap, and a luggage trolley strap with a convenient exterior passport pocket.

The Rover 1 and R1 bag will debut come June 11th 2019, coming in at a $299 and $149 price point. Or you can save cash by purchasing both as a bundle for $399. If you’re in the States, then you can preorder right now from GameStop or Amazon.

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