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Games We Will Be Playing This Christmas


When enjoying a Christmas holiday with the family, there is nothing better than playing a game. Whether you opt for the traditional board game following the perfect family dinner or you opt for some of your favourite titles on Switch, Xbox or PlayStation, there are a number of titles that can provide you with hours and hours of fun. In this article, we will be providing you with a list of some of the games that we are hoping to play over the festive period. 

Pokémon Sword or Shield 

If you are lucky enough to unwrap a Nintendo Switch for Christmas this year, there are a number of titles available for you to enjoy, with one of the most recent releases being Pokémon Sword and Shield. With brand new graphics and all your favourite Pokémon including some new faces, this is the perfect new title for you to enjoy this holiday season. With hours of collecting, battling and exploring the newly designed world, this can provide you with all the entertainment that you need for a gaming day on Christmas day. 

Festive Fun For All The Family 

In addition to the fun with to be had with these brand-new Pokémon titles, there are a number of family-friendly options for the perfect amount of festivities this year. Whether this is a selection of computer games like the one from Netent, or a platform game such as 1,2 Switch this can provide the family with the opportunity to enjoy time spent together. In addition to this, there are a number of leading titles such as FIFA and Minecraft that allows players to play with family and friends from around the globe in new and exciting ways. 

In addition to this, there are a number of other festive games that are new to the market such as the diehard series that are the perfect combination of joyful music and festive fun that are perfect for you. Borderlands 2 is yet another title that is worth playing during 2020 that is the perfect combination of Christmas with your favourite game mechanics. With killer snowmen, snowy villages and a boss called tinder the snowflake, you cannot get much more festive than this.  

Mario Kart 8 

There have been many games throughout history that have been the cause of one- or two-family squabbles, but none have been more competitive than Mario Kart. With a number of maps as well as the ability to play with up to four players on one screen, this is the perfect racing game for the whole family. Whether you are playing with the whole family on one screen or against friends across the globe, this is the perfect way to get the whole family involved in some festive family fun without spending a small fortune on toys. 

The Rise Of VR Gaming 

Though the traditional family fun is to be had when playing games such as Mario kart, there are a number of other titles available on VR that provide family-friendly fun. With popular titles such as No Mans Sky and Defector as well as Super-Hot, there is hours and hours of entertainment to be had for you and even the grandparents. Whether you decide to play this Christmas morning, or you decide to give your dad a go on boxing day, this is the perfect way to get the whole family involved regardless of whether you are playing on Oculus or PlayStation VR. 


One of the major favourites in the last few years is the giant that is Minecraft. With a slit screen option as well as the ability to play online, this is the perfect game for your young ones to express their creativity either with their friends on split-screen or in a world of their own online. This is the perfect game for all the family as you have the option to power through on survival or create your very own paradise on creative mode. Which will you choose? 

The Humble Board Game 

Though the video game is a popular staple for many at Christmas, it is important not to forget about the fun to be had when playing a board game. With a number of traditional games such as Monopoly, Cluedo and Scrabble as well as more modern games such as Pictionary Air, The Logo board game and Villainous the Disney board game. Below, we have compiled a list of our top choice for you to play over Christmas with you and your family. 

UNO– If you are looking for a fast-paced game that can last a number of rounds then UNO is the perfect game that even the youngest at the table can play. With coloured cards that are all numbered as well as reverse and skip cards, this is fast-paced fun that is enjoyable for everyone. In addition to this, there are also a set of wild rules that you can follow allowing the carnage to unfold and the fun to begin. 

Game Of Life – Another board game that is highly popular in 2019 and offers fun for all the family is the game of life. With a digital version as well as a traditional wheel for you to spin, you can make your way through the game of life to win the big bucks and have the best life possible. Whether you decide to split the family into teams, or you head out with a group of four to be the best at the table, this is a game of fun that is competitive also. 

Jumanji– If you are a fan of the films then the game of Jumanji is definitely one for you. With the ultimate jungle adventure with every game, this is the perfect way of enjoying your Christmas holiday. In addition to this, the slightest wrong move and you could undo years of history within just a few simple moves, will you be up to the challenge? 

Monopoly Voice Banking 

The final game that is perfect for the whole family this holiday season is Monopoly voice banking. With no need for cash or bank cards, this completely removes the ability for your uncle or your dad to cheat you out of money when passing go. This is designed for up to 2-4 players making this the perfect activity for family game night. 

With this in mind, there are a number of games for you to enjoy with the family regardless of whether you are a fan of the traditional board game or the more up to date console title. Which of these will you be hoping to unwrap under your Christmas tree this year? 

TXH loves nothing more than kicking back at the end of the day, controller in hand, shooting the hell out of strangers via Xbox Live.

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