The Xbox world is huge but sometimes we’d like to take the opportunity to check out something a little different, opening up a question that we are wondering about ourselves; one which opens up the world of gaming possibilities and versatility.

Xbox gaming is vast and very successful, with both Xbox One and Xbox 360 offering incredible gaming possibilities, but at the same time there is so much more to gaming consoles that can be obtained for free and played directly online.

One such browser which caught our attention is Plarium browser games , which is rich in variety of games and for those who like strategy games, can give a proper amount of fun and challenge.

If you are into fantasy characters then the new game Nords: Heroes of the North allows gamer to play with Orcs, Elves and Dragons who unlike their nature unite to fight against the Ice Queen and her army. This strategy game is full of fun and requires some thinking and ability as well.

nords pic 1

On the other side there are two of the biggest and most successfull free MMO games online: Stormfall: Age of war and Sparta: War of Empires, both are well known and gamers around the world play it with enthusiasm and interest.

Plarium MMO games get regular updates and offer events that allow them to maintain relevance in all their games, this is the reason why there are no forgotten older titles and items remain relevant all the time. The PvP aspect enables games full of action, which allows gamers to create games where they can combine the building and army development options with a compelling story and PvP so that the gaming experience is richer and more challenging.

Games such as Total Domination and Soldiers Inc. embed these characteristics such as fully voiced characters, high quality graphics and intricate gameplay.

The browser-catalogue is formed by a wide range of creative games, each day millions of players all over the world participate in virtual battles occuring in different worlds some belong to the past others in the future or in a virtual fantasy land like Pirates: Tides of Fortune.

The Xbox world uses basically the same ideas, together with the latest technology and simple but very creative ideas. These ingredients have created some of the worlds biggest games both in the Xbox world and in the MMO Strategy Games which include animation of 3D battles, and features that combine GDR with tactical MMORPG and MMORTS.