Episode 83 of The Gaming Hub Podcast finds the team discussing some of the new details that emerged this week around Sea of Thieves. What happens when you achieve the level of pirate legend, and when will the Kraken appear? Also, how often does Rare want us encountering other players or ships during the game?

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In addition, we give our wish list for the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2. What specifically are we hoping for in single player, and how much should multiplayer resemble the wildly popular Grand Theft Auto V online mode? Finally, we answer a bunch of questions from the community, including questions about how we like to play games, are game betas just glorified demos, and what’s our early E3 2018 wish list? Also, if we had to pick Mario or Zelda and could only save one, which would it be?

The upcoming Episode 84 wraps up February, meaning it’s time to conduct our February giveaway. The only way to be entered is to join the community and submit questions to be read on the show. If they’re read, you’re automatically entered. We also conduct giveaways for members of the community who join us on Twitch for the show. To join in and have a chance to win, just use the links below and you’ll be directed to Facebook, Twitch, Discord, or Mixer!


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