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The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 160 – Will Other Games Adopt the Fortnite Model?

With only two weeks left until E3 2019, news is pretty scarce in the world of gaming. To make up for that, we discuss whether other developers will try to use the wildly successful Fortnite business model to their advantage in other genres, possibly as a way to replace the pay-to-win loot box model. Which games and genres could it work in?

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 159 – Xbox and PlayStation Working Together?

This week brought news of Xbox and PlayStation working together to make streaming games in the future more smooth and consistent for everyone around. How optimistic are we about where this new partnership will go? It's not going to be life changing, and they're still competitors, but we talk about what it could mean for the future of gaming.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 158 – Microtransactions, EA Access on PlayStation, and Bethesda E3 Preview

This week, we dig into the legislation proposed in the United States Senate that would severely limit the ability of game developers to include loot box microtransactions in their games.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 157 – The Road to E3 2019 Begins!

This week starts our E3 preview content, as we discuss what we might expect to see from Electronic Arts and Square Enix at this year's show. We cover what they've done at E3 in recent years, talk about what they each need to do there this year, and finally, discuss what we expect to see from them this year.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 156 – New Console Details Revealed

Another episode of Inside Xbox took place this week, and two significant announcements emerged from it.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 154 – Bioware Controversy and More Borderlands 3 News

This week brought more talk of game development and working conditions for developers, as a story broke that Bioware suffered from poor leadership and unfair expectations for its team during the development of Anthem.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 153 – Borderlands 3 and Sony’s State of Play

This week, Gearbox announced Borderlands 3 with a release by the end of Gearbox's fiscal year. They also announced the Borderlands GOTY remaster with a release date of much much sooner. How excited are we for the remaster and the third game in the series?

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 152 – Is Stadia the Future of Gaming?

GDC was this week, and Google made a huge splash by revealing Stadia as they enter the video game market. Does the new platform represent the future of gaming as a streaming service, or will consoles and physical discs still reign supreme?

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 151 – Is Borderlands 3 Finally on the Way?

Borderlands 3 might finally be on the way after Gearbox teased a very Borderlandsy image this week promising an announcement soon.

R.B.I. Baseball 19 Review

As a big fan of baseball, it’s natural to be filled with hope every spring. Hope that this will be the year that my favorite team finally stops being inconsistent, hope that they will finally stop delivering an underwhelming product, and hope that they will finally take the steps necessary to stand tall against the best competition out there. As an Xbox One owner, I have the same hope – the hope that MLB Advanced Media will release a baseball title for the Xbox console that can be mentioned in the same conversation as MLB the Show, without it being a joke.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 150 – Another New Xbox Console On the Way?

This week, we talk about the rumors that Xbox will introduce a disc-less Xbox One S that will go on sale in May. Who is this console for? Is it smart to release it in the early part of the year?

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 149 – New Pokemon Game Announced and News on Jedi Fallen Order

This week, we talk a lot of Nintendo as we learned of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Graham and Steven look forward to the game and discuss what they're most looking forward to with the first mainline Pokemon game to come to a console. Also on the Nintendo front, the release date of the Resident Evil 0, 4, and Resident Evil Remastered ports were released this week. Will any of us be buying them?

How Can Microsoft Fix Xbox’s Exclusive Games Dilemma?

When Crackdown 3 released on the Xbox One, it served as an all too familiar reminder of the state of Microsoft’s first-party game offerings over the past two years.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 148 – Is Xbox’s Game Pass Coming to Switch?

We begin this week with the news that Reggie Fils-Aime is retiring as president of Nintendo of America effective in April. We take a moment to reflect on his career and celebrate his contributions to gaming and his role as a positive force in the gaming world. Also, we talk in-depth about both Crackdown 3 and Anthem, and our experiences so far with each. It's not all bad, as there are positives for both games.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 147 – Activision Layoffs

This week, Activision announced over 800 jobs were being cut during their quarterly earnings call. We talk about the decision, as well as the outrage from some of the gaming community and the reality that our favorite hobby is also a huge industry where financial results often come first for publishers.

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 143 – Should EA Keep the Star Wars License?

With a lot of big new releases now approaching, we discuss the news this week that Anthem will have matchmaking for every activity in the game. Will this make for a more seamless experience in the game, and does it affect our excitement level for Electronic Arts' much hyped competitor to Destiny?

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 142 – Bungie and Activision Split, Plus 2019 Predictions!

This week, we discuss the announced split between Bungie and Activision. What does this mean for the future of Destiny? We talk about the implications of Bungie retaining the rights to the Destiny franchise, as well as discussing who we think initiated the breakup. Are we more or less excited for the future Destiny 3 based on this announcement?

The Gaming Hub Podcast Episode 141 – Yearly Awards and Looking Ahead to 2019!

We're back after a week off to celebrate the holidays, and it's time to announce the winners of The Gaming Hub's 2018 awards!

Five Of The Best Games For Xbox From 2018

The past twelve months haven’t exactly been the best Xbox has ever had in terms of first-party offerings. Geoff Keighley even suggested this when asking Phil Spencer about how 2018 went for Xbox at The Game Awards, drawing an interesting reaction from the head of Microsoft’s gaming division. However, despite the relative lack of outstanding first-party offerings from Microsoft, there were still a lot of great games released in 2018 to play on the Xbox One. This list will detail my top five games released in 2018 for the Xbox One.

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