GDC was this week, and Google made a huge splash by revealing Stadia as they enter the video game market. Does the new platform represent the future of gaming as a streaming service, or will consoles and physical discs still reign supreme? We discuss the benefits of Google’s tech and talk about who this service is ideally for – as well as whether any of us will be adopting Stadia later this year.

In addition, Phil Spencer supposedly responded to the Stadia reveal in an internal email to the Xbox team that was leaked. We discuss whether we think the email is true, and more importantly, what Xbox’s response to Stadia will be at this year’s E3. The Xbox team continues to say they’re planning to go big at E3 this year; what could that mean? We talk about what we think will happen at the biggest gaming show of the year.

Nintendo announced a bunch of new indie game releases for the Switch, and Konami is celebrating its 50th anniversary with three different collections. Which of these are worth buying? Finally, we discuss Bethesda’s reveal of some of its plans for E3, and what surprises they could possibly have in store this year.

As the official podcast of TheXboxHub, we produce a podcast every week that is recorded on Friday evenings, along with a lot of streaming on Twitch and Mixer. There are a lot of ways for you to become involved in our awesome community – we have a forums page on Facebook, a channel on Discord, and you can follow our channels on Twitch and Mixer. We give away prizes to people in the community just for taking part and making the community stronger! There will be links to all those venues at the end of this article.

So, if you like to win free stuff, this should work out great! Take part in the community by clicking any of the links below, and we just might be able to drop some free games, codes, or other cool gaming stuff in your lap for free.

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