This week, Activision announced over 800 jobs were being cut during their quarterly earnings call. We talk about the decision, as well as the outrage from some of the gaming community and the reality that our favorite hobby is also a huge industry where financial results often come first for publishers. In other news, the DICE awards were this week, and God of War did incredibly well again. We discuss that and some of the other winners from the awards.

Also, Nintendo had another direct this week where they announced a lot of games coming to the Switch. Some new and some are remakes, but we discuss the biggest announcements here. Finally, Sony’s Shawn Layden spoke this week about both the decision for PlayStation to not be at E3 2019 and the possibility that we will be looking at a time where you can play all games regardless of which console you own in the future.

As the official podcast of TheXboxHub, we produce a podcast every week that is recorded on Friday evenings, along with a lot of streaming on Twitch and Mixer. There are a lot of ways for you to become involved in our awesome community – we have a forums page on Facebook, a channel on Discord, and you can follow our channels on Twitch and Mixer. We give away prizes to people in the community just for taking part and making the community stronger! There will be links to all those venues at the end of this article.

So, if you like to win free stuff, this should work out great! Take part in the community by clicking any of the links below, and we just might be able to drop some free games, codes, or other cool gaming stuff in your lap for free.

Here are all the links for you to easily become part of our fun and growing community!

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