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A short few months ago, Active Neurons rocked up on the gaming scene with its rather clever puzzles that test your logical thinking. It was clearly a success as developers USANIK STD have swiftly returned with a sequel, Active Neurons 2, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Will this follow-up be electrifying enough to live up to the original?

Much like its predecessor, Active Neurons 2 sees you attempting to guide a white square – representing a neuron – through 2D maze-like puzzles, with the idea of collecting energy in order to fully charge it before using the exit. Expect to put your spatial logical thinking into practice across over 150 tasks and side-tasks, which look to feature more than 20 different types of mechanics along the way. It’ll lead to teleportation, potential destruction and the combining of objects as you try to reach your goal while avoiding an array of dangerous obstacles.

Unlike the first game, there appears to be a narrative present to give additional purpose to the goings on. Through the collection of active neurons and that precious energy, you can discover a little bit of information about the 12 greatest inventions of mankind, such as the wheel. 

So, Active Neurons 2 is bigger and includes some fresh ideas on top of the ones which featured in the original’s successful formula, all for the cheap and cheerful price of £4.19 (discounted to £3.35 for one day only) on the Xbox Store – as well as the PS Store and Nintendo eShop. Don’t make a relatively uninformed decision regarding a purchase yet though, for we recommend giving our full review a read beforehand.Then let us know whether you’re going to buy it, or not, by leaving a comment below!

Game Description:

Active Neurons 2 is a game that trains the player in spatial logical thinking. Your main task in the game is to collect enough energy to discover the 12 greatest inventions of mankind. Look for the right way to energy charges using obstacles in the level. Avoid dangerous obstacles, they are destructive! Teleport from one space to another to get closer to your goal. Solve tasks on memory and orientation in space to get to the blocked areas. Destroy, move and combine objects on the levels to get to energy sources. Main features: – More than 150 logical tasks and subtasks; – More than 20 types of unique mechanics; – Ability to combine mechanics; – Nice minimalistic style with beautiful graphic effects; – Pleasant musical and audio accompaniment, improving immersion in the gameplay.

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