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Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid continues to go from strength to strength, with yet another classic character ready to enter the Grid via DLC on Xbox One. It’s time for Lauren Shiba to show off her sword skills in this 3v3 tag fighter!

Following on from the release of Jungle Fury Ranger Robert James, the latest playable character – arriving as part of the Season Three Pass for £12.49 – is from the 2012 series, Power Rangers Super Samurai. It is, of course, Red Samurai Ranger Lauren Shiba, the true leader of the Shiba Clan who stepped up to the plate late on to lead her fellow Rangers into battle against the monsters of the Netherworld, the Nighloks. She was eventually able to defeat the evil Master Xandred with the use of her sealing power.

As a Samurai Ranger, Lauren’s in-game warrior will wield a mighty sword to strike her opponents with, which appears to unleash a fiery blaze in the process. She’ll also be able to perform her infamous Sealing Symbol power and it will feature some of her most memorable lines of dialogue. In order to get your hands on Lauren Shiba, simply venture to the Xbox Store and pay the required fee of £4.99 – unless you own the Season Three Pass, in which case it’ll cost no more.

It’s worth noting that a free patch has arrived alongside this paid content, meaning anyone owning Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid can benefit from a number of bug fixes. There have been a few tweaks made to a handful of characters too, including Tommy Oliver, Lord Zedd, Gia Moran, and Ranger Slayer. Be sure to check it out next time you load up the game!

DLC Description:

This unlocks Lauren Shiba – Super Samurai Ranger, a full character, to be played in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

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