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It’s safe to say that the relaunched, remade, reworked XIII failed to live up to the hype. Whilst not quite on the same levels as that other game which failed many – yeah, Cyberpunk 2077 – there was much anticipation behind Microids’ remake of the much loved 2003 cult hit. If you did go out and buy it though, and are looking for reason to head back in, a couple of brand new DLC drops will certainly deliver the bling, but much like the previous launch, even these are a little confusing. 

Present and correct on the Xbox Store and available for purchase and download to add in to XIII on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S are two new DLC packs for the game. These both deal with Golden Weapons, and will be sure to put a bit of sparkle into the harsh lands of the game. 

Here is where the confusion comes in though and we not only have the Golden Weapons Skin Pack for £4.19, but we also have the Golden Classic Weapons Skin Pack for £3.29. Very similar names eh?

So what do you get? Well, the latter of those packs – the Golden Classic Pack – will deliver you the chance to add some classic weaponry into the game, all with a golden tinge. The former? Does pretty much the same, just for a slightly higher price. It is this Golden Weapons Skin Pack which will see you gaining access to golden skins for all of the following…

  • – Grenade
  • – .44 Magnum
  • – Shotgun and Pump-Action Shotgun
  • – Harpoon Gun
  • – Crossbow: 1 or 3 bolts
  • – M60
  • – AK-47
  • – M16
  • – Uzi
  • – Bazooka – Sniper Rifle

We couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to go and throw any more money at the remake of XIII than they already have, especially when you take into account the utterly dire experience the game provides, but if you’re flush with cash, or just need to own everything that is gold, the Xbox Store will let you fill your boots with glory. 

Just don’t say we didn’t warn you should you decide to jump in with either pack. 

DLC Description:

Get this special pack with the Limited Edition to unlock Golden Skins for XIII Weapons.

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