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Are you ready to take a trip to South Africa? With RIDE 4 that journey becomes a reality as the stunning Kyalami DLC Pack delivers not just a new track to enjoy, but all new content as it goes. 

The Kyalami Pack is Milestone Studios’ latest attempt to continue pushing the limits with RIDE 4. Already having provided gamers with a more than acceptable base game, and then pushing out many free and paid DLC packs since launch, it’s now time to head home and visit South Africa’s Kyalami track. 

As you’d expect, pay up the £3.99 asking price and you’ll find yourself whizzing around the tarmac of Kyalami like there is no tomorrow. Full of sweeping curves, fast straights and some of the most intense riding opportunities available on the scene, if you like nothing more than going hell for leather, Kyalami will sort you out. 

It is this track which is the main standout feature of the titular DLC drop, but as is always the case with RIDE 4 content additions, it’s not the only thing to look forward to. Nope, you see, alongside the track itself come no less than 10 brand new events, keeping you on your toes and on the edge of traction at all times. 

You’ll obviously need the base game of RIDE 4 in place prior to even considering a purchase of the Kyalami Pack, but should you be at one with your two-wheeled beasts, and are looking for a new circuit to hone your skills on, Kyalami is it. 

Just pop over to your favoured digital store and grab the content now. Us Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players will find the Xbox Store more than happy to stump up the goods. 

If this one isn’t your bag though, make sure you check out some of the free DLC that has previously arrived – Bonus Pack 01 and Bonus Pack 02 really shouldn’t be missed. 

DLC Description:

Buy Kyalami Pack and expand your gaming experience with 1 new track and 10 extra events.

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