Agent 47 is the world’s most deadly assassin – in fact, the only person who can match his stealth and execution skills is… himself. And that is something that you’ll get to experience for the first time ever in the newly announced Ghost Mode for Hitman 2.

Announced today by Warner Bros and IO Interactive, Ghost Mode is a brand new, rather unique take on 1v1 online competition, as players get to put their assassination skills to the ultimate test.

See, Ghost Mode allows two players to go head-to-head and compete against each other online – both playing out the role of Agent 47 – in order to assassinate the most targets in a match. At the start of each round, the two 47’s will begin side-by-side and must race to take out the same targets, not just faster, but also cleaner than their opponent. To do so, you’ll get the chance to utilizing weapons, items, outfits and ghost crate supply drops which will all help accomplish the overall mission.

But there is a twist, and Ghost Mode will see players simultaneously hunt targets while in the same location, watching on as they see a “ghost” version of their rival gamer. This allows them to track the oppositions progress against their own, but they exist in separate realities unaffected by the actions of their adversary. In Ghost Mode, the player who can outsmart, outplay and outkill their opponent by eliminating five targets first, will be declared victory.

Hitman 2 will launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC come November 13th 2018 and the Ghost Mode will be available for the Miami location when on that day. It will then subsequently become available for additional Hitman 2 locations, as well as other World of Assassination locations, post-launch.

With the freedom to plan the ultimate assassination, taking in the newly created, hyper-detailed sandbox locations that bring together the living world of Hitman 2, the introduction of the new Sniper Assassin mode, and now this Ghost Mode, Hitman 2 looks like it’s fast gearing up for being one of those ‘must-players’.

Will you be taking time to don the suit of Agent 47? Let us know down below.

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