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Your Sims deserve a lifstyle of the rich and famous and ensuring that they are able to keep up with the Joneses should be something that is right at the top of your priorities. Thankfully that’s where the latest DLC pack for The Sims 4 comes in, with the Dream Home Decorator pack allowing your favourite virtual family to go from drab, to fab. 

Available to purchase, download and add in to the base game of The Sims 4 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator Pack is the latest in an ever-increasingly long list of expansions for EA’s virtual family maker. 

Priced at £17.99, this sits slap-bang in the middle of what we have come to expect from Sims add-ons, far removed from the cheap and cheerful like the Courtyard Oasis Kit, but much cheaper than the full-on Cats and Dogs addition, for instance. 

But what do we have here with the Dream Home Decorator pack? Well, as the blurb says, it will let you turn your client’s fantasy into reality as you give your little Sims the chance to realise the full potential of their home. After discovering what each family like and dislike, and what colours they wish to see adorning their walls, it’ll be up to you to help them renovate, redecorate and remodel, splashing some paint onto single rooms or even refurbing full commercial spaces. 

There are a host of items and ideas present here too; new sofas for them to lounge on, modular shelving for storage, new ovens and more. And once you’re done, opening the curtains on the big reveal will see your best friends crying with joy – or weeping in despair. 

The key features in depth include:

  • Know Your Clients — Each job requires a personalized touch. It’s not just about a client’s needs, but also their Preferences and their budget. What colors do they like? Are they inspired by music? What are their hobbies? You’ll need to tailor your designs with all of this in mind if you want a glowing recommendation.
  • Renovate, Redecorate, Remodel — Whether it’s revamping a single room, redoing an entire lot, or refurbishing a commercial space, your goal is to make your clients happy. You’re in charge of all the details. Now, flexible furnishings like sectional sofas, modular shelving, and built-in stovetops and ovens offer more thoughtful choices than ever.
  • The Big Reveal — When you finish the project, show it off! Hopefully, your work inspires happy crying instead of tears of disappointment. Unveil the results to see how your clients react to their personalized home makeover, complete with Before and After comparisons. Transform lives by transforming spaces!

If you wish to discover how transforming a simple space is able to transform the lives of those within it, head to your favourite digital store and download the Dream Home Decorator pack for The Sims 4 now. You’ll find it from the Xbox Store, or wherever else you decide to play The Sims 4. 

You’ll obviously need the base game to hand first. 

Game Description:

Turn your client’s fantasy into reality in The Sims™ 4 Dream Home Decorator Game Pack*! Every home is full of unrealized potential, and only you can take it from drab to fab. If you want to build your professional reputation, get to know every Sim’s Likes and Dislikes before you start designing, then deliver the perfect renovation for each client. Once you’ve worked your magic, get ready to see the astonished look on your client’s face with the big reveal!

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